Regulations Based On Your State

Want to know what the regulations are in your specific state?

It’s not as easy as a quick Google search.

The legality of teeth whitening businesses varies from state to state. It can be very confusing. We’ve complained a list of the most recent articles from expert regarding starting and running a teeth whitening businesses.

The main sticking point seems to be how exactly your state defines “dentistry”. Some states specify that lifting of stains or changing the color of teeth is dentistry while other states are silent on the subject. Some states specify that operating a teeth whitening business without a dental license is illegal, other states don’t say anything at all.

The most comprehensive and in-depth analysis that we’ve ever come across is by Angela Erickson from the Institute For Justice. It was written in 2013 but has info on every state in the US. We highly encourage anyone interested in starting a teeth whitening business to read this thoroughly and look the details regarding their specific state.

teeth whitening legal regulations by angela erickson
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