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Business Structures

Here are some of the most common official business entity types. Creating your own business requires research and seeking the help of professionals. Nothing can replace your own research, ultimately you’ll be responsible for the choices you make in your business so educate yourself about all your options.

Take a peak at the article below which gives insight on business entity options.

Some Business Options To Consider:

Independent Contractor 1099

Limited Liability Company- Sole Proprietor


Regardless of which business entity you chose you’ll want to consult with a local expert, a CPA or tax preparer in your local area to go over the tax implications of your choice. Some entity options will give you bigger deductions, others less liability. Don’t be the only one providing input in this decision.

Want to know how to get “incorporated” in your own area? Do a quick google search ” how to start a business in (City/County), (State Name “.

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