BronzedBerry Live Training: Ohio

Money Making Webinar

MakingMoneyWebinar from Amie Evans-Burkholder on Vimeo.

Working from home has challenges, this course is designed to provide practical ways to improve performance, increase income and create mental clarity for woman who work from home. Step by step guide to creating the perfect work space in your home, an elevator speech, simple vision boards and a 20 minute plan on making a quick $300 for whatever business you have! You’ll also learn about the 3 R’s ( Remembered. Revered. Referred) and how to get your business working for you while you sleep.

BronzedBerry: Extraction Fans

BronzedBerry: extraction fan for spray tanning from Amie Evans-Burkholder on Vimeo.

We are happy to debut our latest and greatest way to help Tanning Artists run a successful business. Washable fan filters are a great way, to keep your studio clean the air quality pure and they’re great for the environment because you can reuse them! You can add these to a standard 20 inch box fan that you get at Walmart. Just another way we are helping artists be exceptional.