breastfeeding and spray tanning

Keeping Baby Safe During Your Spray Tan:

Babies, Breastfeeding, and Safe Spraytans! We love moms and babies and are dedicated to providing moms with current information to ensure the safety and happiness of mother and child! Read for tips and tricks to get the most out of your postpartum tan!

  1. Choose Wisely– Find a brand with ingredients you can pronounce and company you can trust.
  2. Dry – Allow at least 10 minutes for yourself to dry completely before feeding your tot. Get dressed and make certain to cover any exposed skin so your little one does not transfer it on their body.
  3. Wipe – Directly before feeding make sure to wipe breast area off with a baby wipe or wet wash cloth to remove the tanning solution. Even though it’s dry it is still present on the skin and should be removed to avoid baby ingesting product.
  4. Relax – There is nothing that indicates sunless tanning can cause harm to your little one during feeding. If you wipe off the solution you’ll be good to go!

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Keep your baby safe and tan-free while breastfeeding:

  1. Baby Wipes – Use to clean off area that will contact baby’s mouth. Even though the solution is organic, it can turn baby’s mouth and face orange. Just for added measure clean baby’s face and arms after feeding, with another wipe.
  2. Cover Belly – Lay a shirt or blanket across mama’s belly to prevent the solution from transferring from her tummy to baby’s clothes or skin.
  3. Don’t Avoid It – Nothing should prevent you from feeding and bonding with your baby, especially a beauty routine. Enjoy being a Mommy and feel confident with a healthy organic glow.

Breastfeeding is a safe altnernative to sun tanning. Also, with BronzedBerry’s gentle and organic tanning solution, you can be at peace knowing you and your baby are safe with us. Further, our products and solutions are made in the USA, with certified organic ingredients. Lastly, we follow European guidelines on product safety! 

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Pregnant tanning? Yup, you can.

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