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We are a faith based company and brand with a purpose. We believe women are the glue that holds the modern family together, as moms, daughters and sisters. We believe woman are capable of being smart and savvy business owners while still maintaining full-time jobs and juggling family life. We believe the modern woman of faith doesn’t have to neglect her appearance, hide her beauty or interests from the world. Our goal is to cultivate a tribe of women who work hard, love harder and make the world a better place.

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BronzedBerry was the brainchild of Amie Burkholder during her father’s harrowing battle with melanoma.

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Our mission is to deliver the most flexible, profitable and gorgeous spray tanning business opportunity to anyone looking to make money and make a difference.

Our Artists transform the way people feel about spray tanning. Our solutions are natural looking and made with natural ingredients here in the USA. We support domestic manufacturers in all areas of our business from the cardboard boxes we ship our products in, to our solution formulation and creation as well as our equipment manufacturers.

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A Tanning Story | Inspiration Behind BronzedBerry

In her own words BronzedBerry’s owner, Amie Burkholder shares about the devastation of cancer, triumph of personal dreams and her passion for spray tanning.

In 2006 a strange red mole would change my family’s lives forever. My Dad’s mole biopsy confirmed melanoma. After surgery, and a nasty scar, we thought the worst was over. Every 6 months, for the next 4 years, he would go and get a checkup and heard, “Everything’s fine.” That all changed with one lingering headache in 2010. Into the hospital he went and the result was devastating. The melanoma spread into his shoulder bone, lungs and brain.

All the while the cancer was unknowingly growing in my Dad, I was meeting and falling in love with the man of my dreams.

amie burkholder and her father, the inspiration for BronzedBerry

Happily we wed, and my Dad was by my side.

On my special day, I wanted so badly to look good…no not just good, but great in my wedding dress. To me this meant tan. Now, with a family history of melanoma I certainly won’t go in a tanning bed. I’m not here to bash you if you do, or tell you not to. I am here to say that for some skin tones, tanning can be dangerous, especially if skin cancer is in your genes. For my wedding there was no way I was going to do it. I needed to find an alternative method.

That lead me to trying various forms of self-tanners and spray tanning. Unhappy with most results because of inconsistent product or smell, I knew there had to be a better solution. I needed something more custom and professional. My quest for my own happy glow proved to be a powerful business idea.

I was well into the first year of my business and loving it when my father lost his battle with cancer on Christmas Eve, 2010. He got such a kick out of my excitement for this business. Spray tanning not only has given me a career I can be proud of but it allowed me the time I wanted and needed to spend with my Dad. I will forever love this business, my clients and the freedom I’m blessed with.

~ Amie Burkholder

Master Tanning ArtistStarting BronzedBerry was probably the best decision I made! I was concerned at first financially if I could invest in it but within a month I made my money back. The product really sells itself! You really work for yourself and you can be tan all the time too (BONUS) ! Point is, you make your schedule, you run your business and you make people feel great about themselves… doesn’t sound like “work” to me. ~Anna D