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Kim Mowrey

Family health concerns and income opportunity is what inspired Kim to become a BronzedBerry Artist. Read below and hear from a veteran in the biz. “I came to BronzedBerry because it offered me an organic mobile spray tanning company, which is something that I strongly believed in because my family has suffered with cancer and I wanted to find a…

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Lindsey Shields

Want to work for yourself full time? Read Lindsay’s story. She manages motherhood and two businesses. She loves her BronzedBerry biz and wants to tell you why. “Back in 2011 I was searching for a company to come to my home and spray tan me and a bunch of girlfriends before a wedding. I found Amie with BronzedBerry and immediately booked…

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Kelsey Adams

  Read about a busy Mom in Texas who has made BronzedBerry part of her plan to work from home. “Hi! This is Kelsey Adams. I came to BronzedBerry to be able to own a business and still have the flexibility to stay at home with my daughter and make money. BronzedBerry has provided me a great new skill and the…

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Emily B

After being a client of BronzedBerry for a few years, listen why, Emily decided to become an Artist. “I joined BronzedBerry because I believe in the products and the business model. The products are some of the best out there and they fill a specific niche. Each one has been designed to do a specific function. The business model is…

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Babies, Breastfeeding and Safe Spraytans

Keeping Baby Safe During Your Spray Tan: Babies, Breastfeeding, and Safe Spraytans! We love moms and babies and are dedicated to providing moms with current information to ensure the safety and happiness of mother and child! Read for tips and tricks to get the most out of your postpartum tan! Choose Wisely– Find a brand with ingredients you can pronounce…

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