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Lindsey Shields

Want to work for yourself full time? Read Lindsay’s story. She manages motherhood and two businesses. She loves her BronzedBerry biz and wants to tell you why.

“Back in 2011 I was searching for a company to come to my home and spray tan me and a bunch of girlfriends before a wedding. I found Amie with BronzedBerry and immediately booked her. She came to my home, but I had no idea it would change my life. I immediately signed on as a spray tan artist. Being a spray tan artist with BronzedBerry has allowed me so many opportunities, one of them being my own business owner and allowing me to have a flexible schedule. Now that I have a baby at home, having a flexible schedule has become more of a priority, but I still need to make up the funds that I’ve lost not working full time. BronzedBerry has allowed me to do that. I can book a spray tan party here if I need some extra money or offer tans in my home for convenience when I don’t have a sitter for my son. With BronzedBerry, I’m able to generate income in so many different ways that its difficult not to make money. BronzedBerry as a company really gives you all the tools you need in order to have a successful business. They will surround you with mentors and teammates that allow you to really earn your highest potential for not only income but personal growth. That’s huge! I’m proud to be a part of this company and I will continue to be a tanning artist for years to come. Not only for the income but the sense of community that this company brings. And I encourage anyone and everyone to join as well.”

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