BronzedBerry Tanning Artist Guideline/Waiver




  1. Be over the age of 18 or with a parent.
  2. Have NOT been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 15 days. 
  3. Have zero systems of COVID, including but not limited to a fever, lethargy and a cough for a period of 14 days prior to their appointment. 
  4. Masks are optional for clients. If you choose to wear a mask, we will provide a sample of our sunless tanning face cream for you to apply at home.
  5.  A BronzedBerry spray tan, like any sunless tanning product, will NOT  protect your skin from burning in the natural sun or in a UV tanning bed. Please take proper precautions when exposed to UV light. Always wear sunscreen and reapply often.
  6. Spray tans typically last 5-7 days. The length of time depends on your skin cell turnover rate. Maintaining your color is possible with subsequent visits every five to ten days and/or using one of our sunless tanning products. Remember, healthy and hydrated skin will hold results longer and achieve results more quickly.
  7. The tanning solution needs time to develop. Traditional tanning solution needs a minimum of 8-10 ten hours before getting wet.  This includes showers, pools, sweating and washing hands. Follow the instructions of your Artist, the solution choice they use and your skin tone will help to determine the recommended amount of time the solution should be on your skin. Usually the minimum is 8 hours and the maximum is 24. 
  8. Some tanning solutions has makeup in to give instant gratification. This makeup may transfer to clothing or fabric. The bronzers are water-soluble and will wash out of most fabrics with soap and water. DHA, the ingredient that tans you, can react with white elastic. 
  9. All the components of the spray tanning solution have been safely used in cosmetics for decades. Many of our ingredients are organic and natural, they are gluten free, biodegradable and cruelty free.   Pregnant and breastfeeding moms should feel confident using our products.  If you have questions please discuss this with your physician or Tanning Artist before proceeding. 
  10. Facial spraying is 100% up to the client. It provides the most even coverage from head to toe, however the FDA suggests avoiding any mucus membrane areas, like eyes and lips. If you choose to get your face sprayed, we recommend that you hold your breath during facial spraying and wipe off the lips and eyes upon completion of the service. 
  11. If you have a history of asthma or other respiratory or medical conditions that could be aggravated by the use of the spray tanning system or can not hold your breath for more than 3 seconds, please consult a physician before proceeding. Please inform your tanning technician of any past allergic reaction to DHA products or other medical concerns.
  12. Protective footwear must be worn inside the tanning tent at all times. Clients may not remove foot protection while in the tent. Client may purchase strapless sandals from Tanning Artist for Classic services if they want to avoid flip flop lines, they are complementary with a Signature Glow Service. 

I, the undersigned, verify that I am over 18 years old and understand and agree to comply with all instructions, including COVID guidelines. I am using these services at my own risk. I hereby authorize and direct my tanning artist to perform such tanning procedures as may be deemed necessary or advisable, and have provided them with the above information required. I acknowledge that the results of airbrush tanning do vary and that no guarantees of specific results are offered or implied. I hereby relieve this establishment, as well as the airbrush technician, and hold them harmless from any liability involved in the use of the tanning process, including slips and falls or illness. The company  and their agent or employees are not liable for any injury to persons or property, or the loss or theft of any personal property.

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