Spray Tanning: Become an Artist

Learn how to spray tan, run a business and surround yourself with other like minded women. If you want to run a spray tanning business and get a website for only $9.95 per month ( no long term commitments) then join us today. Accepting up to 15 artists monthly. If your enrollment doesn’t go through, you’ll get a message that you are in queue for the following month and we’ll let you know once a spot opens up.

Changes to Fall in Love With

Changes To Fall In Love With from Amie Evans-Burkholder on Vimeo.

No PSV, no Stay Active. If you want to be part of a network of Tanning Artists providing the best services to their clients, you should join us. For only $9.95 per month you’ll get a website, a continuing education and access to exclusive BronzedBerry solutions (only available to purchase as an Artists). That’s it! NO long term commitments or requirements beyond the $9.95. Beyond that, we offer incentives and rewards like 50% tanning solution based on how much you buy or sell with us. Our Artists have access to ApothecBerry, a line of custom blend serums, as well as education on creating a unique blend for each client. Offering custom blending takes your business to the next level. or

BronzedBerry Live Training: Ohio

BronzedBerry: Extraction Fans

BronzedBerry: extraction fan for spray tanning from Amie Evans-Burkholder on Vimeo.

We are happy to debut our latest and greatest way to help Tanning Artists run a successful business. Washable fan filters are a great way, to keep your studio clean the air quality pure and they’re great for the environment because you can reuse them! You can add these to a standard 20 inch box fan that you get at Walmart. Just another way we are helping artists be exceptional.