USA or China….it matters!

When considering starter kits for your spray tanning business take a look and find out the country of origin for both the equipment and the solution.

Solution/Products: US manufacturers of products and solutions as well as business practices fall under the FDA and SCC. Guidelines can protect the technician against the use of inferior or even harmful ingredients. Don’t be fooled, though, not all US companies use high quality and safe ingredients. Do research and look at ingredients.

Example: you want to explain to your client why their clothes are ruined simply because 90% of companies supplying tanning solutions use red and yellow dye in their products? Or look for a company that does not use dye, like BronzedBerry.

Kits/Equipment: Many companies sell kits with Chinese tanning machines. Usually they have a 90 Day warranty and little customer service backing up your purchase. When choosing to purchase a US unit the customer service is local and warranty’s are at least 6 months.

Did you know that BronzedBerry has a loaner program? If an artist’s machine goes on the fritz we will ship them a loaner unit while theirs is getting repaired.