spray tan kit comparison guide
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With so many spray tan kits on the market it can be hard to tell the difference in them. The most popular questions seem to be, “which spray tan kit has the best equipment”, or “which spray tan kit has the best training”.

A spray tan kit is usually purchased by someone looking to start a spray tan business, or someone who wants to spray themselves regularly. Generally speaking, individuals not looking to make this a career or business will usually seek out equipment on Amazon. There are plenty of good deals with equipment imported from China at a reasonable rate. Those looking to pursue spray tanning as a business should invest in quality equipment, solutions and training. So, let’s break things down into those categories, before diving into specifics and brands.

Equipment – Every spray tan kit will come with either a HVLP (most common for spray tanning) or an LVLP (small tiny airbrush machine). Using an HVLP will provide amazing results in less than 5 minutes and therefore is the MOST popular when it comes to performing an individual spray tan. Our comparisons will only cover HVLP machines.

The two most popular types of HVLP are currently the Maxi-Mist and Apollo brands. The largest name in spray tanning is Norvell and currently they private label their equipment from one of these other brands mentioned so we will focus on our comparisons on kits that include the aforementioned. The prices generally range between $226-$399 for these models, when sold separately.

Solutions – There is only one ingredient approved for use as a tanning agent in personal care products in the United States, DHA (DihyroxyAcetone). So this means that every sunless tanning product, spray, mouse, lotion or spray tan machines will contain it. DHA has been safety used since the 1960’s for this purpose. Over the years manufacturers have improved upon the experience and currently it can be hard to tell a faux glow from a UV one. Many solutions claim to be organic or natural but contain ingredients that are very questionable. It is up to the consumer to read labels and make certain they are comfortable with the ingredients. Currently, as of this article, the FDA does not regulate or require testing or proof of natural/organic claims in the sunless tanning industry. DHA itself is NOT considered organic.

All starter kits compared in this article include between 8-32 ounces of solution to practice with.

Training – This is where the rubber meets the road. Spray tan training, spray tan certifications and spray tan classes, can be held and offered by anyone. There is not government or regulatory agency that provides a legal spray tan license. Anyone offering training is doing so based on their professional experience in the industry.

Hands on training is the very best way to learn, however with technology advancements, online learning has become the norm and many spray tan companies offer both hands on and online courses.

Compared below are four kits that include an HVLP, tanning solution and training offered by four different companies. These represent some of the most popular brands in the United States for spray tanning and training. The training will be based on each brands offering of Master Level theory and personal evaluation/critique.

Many kits include an online course with ZERO interaction with a professional, no one is qualifying their work. Our comparison guide takes it one step further by exploring each of these offerings and price comparing including personal evaluation. Currently, BronzedBerry is the only company that offers and online course with 2 hours of a personal experts time and an evaluation of the artists work. This ensure the trainee can be confident spraying clients for money immediately because an expert has seen their work and verified it’s professionalism. All this without the need to travel. Hands on in person training is by far the most superior but many simply can’t afford it.

Not only does BronzedBerry offer the most in-depth online course but it beats the competitors price by and average of $437!

Anyone looking to break into this business should avoid online marketplace spray tan kits and choose a company that provide great training and support your new business.