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Oh No, A Streaky Tan: Fix it and Forget it!

Things happen..even veteran self tanners have mishaps. Whether you got caught in the rain, or licked by your fur baby, we have the solution for you! Maybe, you forgot you have a tan on and got water on yourself..been there. Don’t worry. So again, Streaky Tan: fix it and forget it!

Scenario 1: Wet within 2-3 of your spray tan.

Solution: Grab your favorite moisturizing lotion and rub in. Lotion should be applied sparingly..the point is to re-hydrate the tanning solution so you can spread it around to recover the entire area.

Scenario 2: Wet between 4-6 hours of your spray tan.

Solution: At this point your tanning solution is developing. For this, you need more than just moisturizer to revitalize this puppy. Use a tanning lotion, (something with DHA in it), like our After-Glow lotion. Apply this lotion as you apply regular daily lotion. Another option is do a quick touch-up with our Faux Pro system or an aerosol Tan-In-A-Can.

Scenario 3: Wet after 6 hours or you’ve showered already.

Solution: Yikes, your tan has set and you’ve noticed it’s uneven. Maybe, you got wet prior to it finishing developing.  We recommend our Faux Pro Tanning System or a tanning lotion with makeup in ours :). Respray yourself lightly over your existing tan. Makeup blends the visible spots and patches. Additionally, DHA tans your skin over the course of the day. Lastly, apply in the AM and you’ll be tank top ready by 5.

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