Elk Feeding and Spray Tanning

I went camping this past weekend and we discovered an amazing Safari Zoo park in Virginia.

When I say camping, I mean in my 26ft RV. This distinction is necessary to understand the rest of the story. Camping to  me is really about spending time with my son and husband while enjoying a camp fire and a queen sized bed with a shower.

I realized I had forgotten my foundation the morning of our safari adventure. My husband loves taking photos, so I was sure I was going to look washed out in all of them. I decided to trudge onward.

I know, it was brave of me.

The miracle was that, I didn’t look washed out at all. I use our FACE moisturizing cream about 3 times per week and it gives my face a natural looking glow, even without foundation. When I looked at myself in the mirror I realized that really no one would be able to tell the difference.

This business provides me with so many blessings, I’m incredibly grateful for each and every Artist and client we have. Does your moisturizer do this?