streaky spray tan fix

Perfect Faux Glow

The perfect way to fix a messed up spray tan! If you can’t get your hands on BronzedBerry’s Extend then use another tanning cream…but be careful that it’s made with good quality ingredients and therefore won’t make you orange. Our Artists stock our products so call one and grab it today, or simply order online.

Avid sunless tanners know that disasters can strike at any time leaving you worried about all the “what ifs”. Keep a good quality tanning cream, like BronzedBerry’s Extend, in your possession so that you can be prepared if disaster strikes you. These type of lotions not only help build a natural glow over time, they, when used properly can extend the life of your spray tan by up to 30%. Also, if you get wet after you’ve been sprayed you can rub tanning lotion on and blend your dribble marks, go to bed and wake up with a great looking glow.

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