BronzedBerry Artists, did you know you earn $60 in commissions when a new artist joins your team? Plus as a Mentor you earn additional bonus on sales from your team members.

In addition to your commission we are offering you a FREE spray tanning gun too! That’s right one gun (value $99) plus commission ($60) equals a bonus worth $159. 

You’ll earn that for every artist that joins your team from now until April 30th, 2016. This is the first time we’ve ever done this! Prove to us it’s worth it.

Have artist enroll on your site and purchase our Limited Edition Starter Kit. 

We have created a Limited Edition Starter Kit to help you seal the deal with anyone that’s been considering this.

Here’s Why They Should Join Now:

  1. Limited Edition Starter Kit $399 (value over $580) – This kit comes with everything they need to host a few launch parties. Including marketing material.
  2. Instant Tanning Artist Status (FREE for 30 Days) – If after 30 days they want to continue at the $9.95 level only, that’s fine. No contracts or long term commitments.
  3. Spring Means Money – They still have time to get on board and get trained in time to take advantage of the Spring season.
  4. We’ll take care of everything – Once they enroll, we’ll reach out and make sure they are getting acclimated with TAU and walk them through the first 30 days.

Spray guns will be issued and received after content concludes (April 30th, 2016). Artists will receive commissions during the regular monthly promotions process. Guns will be mailed out during the month of May.