Studio Annual Membership

We can’t wait to provide you spray tanning services. Below you’ll find the terms that must be accepted before we can process your Studio Membership..  You are considered the Customer in this agreement. 

What You’ll Receive: You are purchasing an annual spray tanning membership. Your membership includes Signature Glow Spray Tans and 15% off products and services offered at the Studio. The specific number of Signature Glows included in your membership depends on what is being offered when purchased. You will receive that same amount for the entire year. 

Refunds/Returns: Customers have 10 days to request a refund. The refund will the total amount paid minus the retail cost of any services used. 

Membership: Can be revoked at any time if BronzedBerry determines Customer is acting in a way that violates the safety of our staff or other customers.   Membership is non-refundable, even if and when membership is revoked by BronzedBerry. 

Payments: These are automated through our merchant processing and must be paid via a valid credit card. Annual Membership is broken down into two even payments, paid semi-annually (twice a year, once every 6 months).  A minimum of two payments, 6 months apart, must be paid. After 2 payments, clients membership is a rolling 6 months. 

Early Cancellation: Cancellations are accepted for customers moving more than 30 miles away. No refunds are given for partially used memberships, however those moving more than 30 miles away will be allowed to cancel before their next payment. If Customer wants to terminate early, the entire balance is due immediately.  

Renewals: Membership renews every 6 months. After 2 full payments have been made, membership is a rolling and can be cancelled at any time. 

Late Payments/ Cards Not Processing: We do not accept late payments. If the card on file can not process the payment due. You will be notified via email, phone or text message. Full payment is due. If customer does not pay services will not be provided. Additionally a third-party collection agency may be used to collect total owed. Any fees associated with the collection of these accounts will be the responsibility of the customer. It is the sole responsibility of the Artist/Customer to ensure a valid and open card can be processed. 

Artist Requests: Members can schedule appointments online, by text or calling the studio. They are not guaranteed a specific Artist. Whomever is working the floor that day will provide the service. We will do our best to accommodate requests. 



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