Mini HVLP Professional Spray Tan Machine


Product Description

We’ve enhanced our Itty Bitty Mini with a more powerful and professional spray gun. This is a great value machine perfect for beginning Artists and individuals.

  • It comes with a 10′ flex hose with quick connect technology to ensure consistent air flow.
  • Weights only 7lbs and can travel to your next destination with ease.
  • Manufactured by Apollo Sprayers right in here in the USA.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Upgraded Mist applicator (spray gun), instead of Itty Bitty Mini gun this unit comes with our Standard Gun that is made for professionals  comes complete with a 8oz (250cc) cup for multiple tanning sessions. There are no “O” rings which make clean up and maintenance super easy. Exclusive designed nozzle provides maximum atomization with minimal overspray.

A HVLP sunless airbrush tanning system, complete with turbine motor, flex hose and spray gun. This is suitable for individuals tanning themselves and  professionals performing individual sessions up to 5 per day. Not intended to long duration or group tanning sessions.



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Made proudly in the USA!