Member Policies And Procedures

All policies and procedures, contained within this document,  are essential and expected of all BronzedBerry Independent Tanning Artists (TA) Members.

  1. Code of Conduct:
    1. At the beginning of sales presentations TA’s shall truthfully and clearly identify themselves as an Independent Tanning Artist with BronzedBerry and that BronzedBerry provides organic sunless tanning services and products. Contact with the consumer shall be made in a polite manner and during reasonable hours. A demonstration or sales presentation shall stop upon the consumer’s request.
    2. At all times TA’s must provide accurate information regarding: price, terms of payment; return policies; terms of guarantee; after-sales service; and delivery dates.
    3. When providing sunless services, only use of BronzedBerry brand products  are approved for use.
    4. We are a luxury brand and it is expected that our representatives will conduct themselves as such. The reason we have a stellar reputation is because of YOUR hard work and dedication! Let’s do our best to make every client a happy one.
    5. At all times Tanning Artists are to conduct themselves in a lawful manner.
  2. Customer Service:
    1. All leads passed onto you from BronzedBerry must be contacted within 12 hours. Please make an effort to contact them as soon as possible. This includes email notices, phone or text messages.
    2. Representatives are not to speak badly about clients, other representatives, or BronzedBerry (this includes but is not limited to postings on social media sites).
    3. While we are aware that the customer is not always right, it is our goal to be as accommodating as possible as make sure that they leave their session a happy client. Please contact management if you have a question about a client that is challenging. We are here to help and to answer any questions that you may have.
  3. Client Information and Payments:
    1. The collection of client information on our mandatory release form is to be used for communication between the Tanning Artist, BronzedBerry and client only. TA’s are not authorized to sell, distribute or provide any client information to any other person or organization.  
    2. BronzedBerry does not collect personal and confidential information on clients. Information includes but is not limited to, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers or credit card information. TA’s are not authorized to request this information from clients.
    3. TA’s are responsible for collection of all service payments. BronzedBerry does not accept  credit card payments for services through our website.   
    4. TA’s are required to provide a receipts to all clients. Receipts are required for refunds. See Refund section.
    5. Payments made to BronzedBerry for products and digital goods are subject to our Refund policy. 
  4. Safety:
    1. Please use common sense when scheduling your clients sessions.  While our goal is to always be convenient to our clients, our representative’s safety is our first priority.
    2. All clients must sign a release form. This is to help protect YOU. Also, you may use this info to populate your contact forms online for your newsletter database. A digital version is available for use on our website.
    3. All clients must wear flip flops. This is non-negotiable.  It helps keep your tent sanitary, and the bottoms of feet from absorbing the solution and turning orange. If client does not want a flip flop they may use strapless sandals (sticky feet).
    4. Equipment issued by BronzedBerry and used by TA’s are the sole responsibility of the TA. Make certain to clean your equipment regularly and provide a sanitary service to each and every client. Read and study your manual carefully on how to do this. BronzedBerry provides manufacturers warranty information on equipment upon request.
  5. Advertising: Print or Web
    1. Approved materials for download and use are accessible the Dashboard.
    2. The use of the corporate BronzedBerry Tanning Artist logo must be approved in writing by management. Contact management at or call 202.630.1460.
    3. TA logos are available for download and use in the Dashboard. TA’s may use this for personal use.
    4. TA's are advised to create their own business entity for advertising and legal requirement. The use of the name BronzedBerry is prohibited. 
    5. Any advertising must be approved by BronzedBerry management in writing, this includes but is not limited to social media campaigns and daily deals, as well as print advertising.
    6. Web Advertising includes SEO, Google Adwords and other social networking ad programs. All campaigns must be approved prior to launch.
  6. Social Media
    1. BronzedBerry representatives are expected to maintain a professional and appropriate “online life” on any social networking site where they have connected to BronzedBerry. Examples: No racy or questionable photos on Facebook pages or Twitter that are connected to your BronzedBerry accounts.
    2. Personal TA facebook pages are acceptable and encouraged.
  7. Your Money and Taxes:
    1. It is the responsibility of the TA to keep track of your clients purchases. You are responsible for your filling your own taxes at the end of the year.
    2. If you chose to resell BronzedBerry retail products, you are responsible for collecting and filing sales tax on those items. BronzedBerry collects and files sales tax on purchases made through our website(s).
    3. BronzedBerry will follow current laws and standards for proving TA’s with appropriate 1099’s if/when required by law.  
    4. Any licenses, registrations or applicable taxes are the sole responsibility of the Tanning Artist.
  8. Return/Exchange and Damaged Goods Policy: Digital goods, including memberships or courses are non-refundable. See Website For Current Policies On Term Page for more information. 
  9. Membership Dues: Payments must be made automatically through our online subscription service. It is the TA’s responsibility to keep an up to date credit card in this system. The system will try a few times, if non-payment, access will be denied to member benefits as well as the potential to lose account data (like receipts or course work). Please keep an update card and email address in your account at all times.
  10. Warranties: BronzedBerry provides a 6 month manufacturers warranty on all start up kits, including solutions and equipment (against defect). TA must contact BronzedBerry in writing about any defects with solutions. Once mailed back if BronzedBerry agrees to the defect they will issue a replacement, or refund. Equipment (HVLP) problems must be worked out with the manufacturer, Apollo Sprayers, by the TA. Assistance and contact information provided to TA by BronzedBerry upon request.
  11. Member Benefits
    1. Discounts - Active Members have access to exclusive wholesale shopping incentives. Members must be logged in to receive benefits. Prices listed on actual item have the discount listed. No need for coupon codes.
    2. Continuing Education and Training - Access pre-recorded webinars and training material in Dashboard.
    3. Materials and certification is for active members only. Materials and training may not be provided to any non-active or non-paying member. Anyone who violates this policy can have their membership revoked and is not entitled to a refund of unused pre-paid membership expenses.
    4. BronzedBerry often hosts private webinars to tackle tough business decisions or education for TA’s.
    5. Access to private facebook group.
    6. Occasionally  BronzedBerry will issue a newsletter to TA’s and their clients. TA must honor contest, giveaway and specials.

I understand the above and agree to comply. Failure on my part to adhere to these policies can result in termination of membership, but does not grant me a refund.


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