Sure, there are examples of motivated individuals who have created their own successful mobile spray tanning business.  We congratulate every single one of them on their success. But the road, even though paved isn’t easy.

Here’s why.

Time Suck: Most mobile spray tanning technicians are doing this on a part-time basis. That means they have other priorities (i.e. less time to devote to the actual back-end side of their business). They are looking for a quick turn around time to make back their equipment investment. But that’s where they go wrong..spending time on the actual behind the scenes “stuff” is where the true professionals separate themselves from the pack.

Customer Acquisition: Getting clients…it’s tough and takes time, patience and strategic effort. If you haven’t built a great website then people will only come to you based on referrals, so you have to wait it out months for that. You have to acquire clients in order to be successful, duh. How you acquire them is going to be trial and error in the beginning. When you are first starting out, you aren’t an expert yet on spray tanning or on running a business. Mistakes can be costly.

Technology: Take a moment and Google mobile spray tanning business in your city, look at the websites of those “companies”. Most look fly by night and totally sketchy. Today’s demanding clients expect professionalism in every aspect of the business especially their first impression of you (your website). Having a great website requires significant content…umm and if you just started you won’t know what to write! And chances are, you aren’t a web developer so good luck with all those selfies and homemade logos.

Expense: Equipment costs, websites, logos and advertising to name a few. But, it’s not just money that’s’s your time. How much is your time worth to you? The hours it takes to manage the technology and self education aspect of this business far exceeds any savings you would achieve by doing this on your own versus joining an existing brand.

There are some really good reasons why someone would do this on their own. Read “3 Reasons To Create Your Own Spray Tanning Brand”.

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