Here is a great way to schedule and optimize annual doctors appointments.

  1.  March – Dermatologist Appointment ( find one in your area click here). Try and find a derm that takes you seriously. This is a great time to get checked before you are out in the sun. With no tan it’s easier for your derm to get a good look. Ask about mole mapping. They can measure and or take a picture of each mole so that from year to year you can look for measurable changes.
  2. June – OB/GYN. Time for your super fun annual exam. Did you know that melanoma can often be found in areas where the sun don’t shine? Weird but true. Have your gyn take a look down there for anything suspicious.
  3. September – Annual physical by physician. By spacing your derm and your physical 6 months apart you get the benefit of a professional taking a look at you at least twice a year.
  4. November or January – Ophthalmologist (not optometrist or optician). Did you know that you can even get skin cancer in your eyes, even melanoma? Yikes. Learn more. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who can diagnose and treat disease. Have one take a look annually at your whole eye.

I hope this helps and you take your skin care seriously. It’s not always about being youthful sometimes taking care and being on top of things can save your life.

With Care,

Amie B