Is it safe to tan while about spray tanning? This is always a popular topic and something our Tanning Artists get asked frequently.

It is genrally understood that sunbathing or using UV tanning beds is a big no no if you are expecting. Why, you ask? The simple answer is that it could overheat your baby which can cause miscarriage. Yikes!! So as we approach spring and summer ladies, please wear sunscreen, use a flopy hat and just plain say no to overexposure to the Sun.

As for spray tanning when pregnant there are a few things to keep in mind. Always check with your Dr before trying something new during pregnancy. Most DR’s will tell it’s no problem after your first trimester.

We’ve discussed before how toxic chemicals can be present in spray tanning booths already (read more on this).

All spray tanning solutions are not created equal. So, we suggest you still ask a few more questions to determine what you are comfortable with.

BronzedBerry suggests getting a airbrush spray tan by a professional using only organic products and solution. For a list of our ingredients, click here.

Want to get tanned go for it! Just do your research and pick a product that’s healthy for you and your baby.


  1. Organic solutions by BronzedBerry do  not contain a single toxic chemical.
  2. You aren’t forced to inhale the solution. We spray you in an open room, not a closed booth.
  3. Our hydration spray can actually help moisturize your growing belly, using organic ingredients to help with elasticity.

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