Hallelujah!! I finally feel like women are really coming full circle. Yes, it’s true we can “do anything” a man can do…but do we want to? That question can only be answered by each women herself. Let’s stop trying to live up to another person’s idea of success.

BTW – All those massively successful women don’t do it on their own. They have chefs, nanny’s, drivers and divorces under their belt. So, take a moment breathe and decide..“What is success to me ?” .

Must every woman build an empire? Columnist Zosia Mamet suggests taking a moment to figure out what winning really means to you. I have been incredibly blessed with success in my chosen career. I’ve worked my ass off and had the support and encouragement of those around me to keep climbing. But what if tomorrow I decided I was content with the place I’d reached in acting and planned to open a small coffee shop in Vermont? That job wouldn’t necessarily be any easier, but I believe I would be considered less successful. My friends, some of them, would ask me if it was what I really wanted (code for “You’re making a mistake”). My agent would think I was insane, and my family would definitely be confused. And if I didn’t turn my little coffee shop into some world-renowned Magnolia Bakery of the north, if I kept it small and had a happy life, I probably wouldn’t be considered a success at that either, which is ridiculous. We are so obsessed with “making it” these days we’ve lost sight of what it means to be successful on our own terms. As women we have internalized the idea that every….

Loved this article so much! Take a minute or two to read the whole thing. She’s on to something. Read full article