Traditional barrier creams may be hurting your business or your self tan.

  1. Messy – Gets on unintended body parts compromising your tan. Plus excess gets on your equipment and tent.
  2. Expensive – Costs between $25-$40
  3. Doesn’t Last – Shelf life usually 6 months. Have yours it you may find MOLD!
  4. Heavy – Bottles are cumbersome and add unnecessary weight to your mobile bags.
  5. Doesn’t Close – Pumps are great..but not for travel. Never being able to properly close your lotions means spills in your car, bag or worse…clients home.

Barrier Cream is out Balm is in!

Wether you are a professional tanning artist or an avid DIY self tanner….barrier cream has sure to caused you some heartache.  Just say “NO” to traditional spray tanning barrier cream.

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