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Over a million selfies are taken each day, that’s incredible. It’s fantastic that we are able to capture so many memories and the technology is amazing!

So, what’s the problem? EGO…we are so obsessed with ourselves…and not the real selves the selves that we tweak, alter and basically makeup to look like who we want to be and not who we really are.

I’m all for looking your best…that’s why I’m in the spray tanning business. I want to good, to me that includes a spray tan. It seems others feel the same way because is booming.

Gearing up for holiday parties women can spend up to 5 hours getting ready, according to A spray tan is included in this ritual and while we can’t is good, I’m also aware that this obsession with looking good in selfies is wasted energy.

Get a tan and feel good about yourself but don’t just do it so that your Facebook friends and Instagram groupies like you….do it because you like it, not need it to feel good.

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