Did you know that on the FDA’s own website it lists the consumer reported reactions? It’s a great resource! Let’s look at what types of negative reactions have been reported to FDA about spray tanning.

Here’s a list complained directly from their website:

“FDA has received reports from consumers stating that they have experienced adverse events associated with sunless tanning, including rashes and, primarily in the case of spray tanning booths, coughing, dizziness, and fainting. It is uncertain what, if any, ingredient or combination of ingredients in the sunless tanning products might have caused these adverse events, whether an individual’s allergic reaction might have played a part, or whether factors unrelated to the sunless tanning products may have been involved, such as pre-existing medical conditions.”

Hmmm did you catch the part in bold?  The consumer could’ve had a reaction to any of other ingredients….maybe not the DHA. Also, does that list look to you to be so dangerous as to cause national panic? I’ve seen cold medicine commercials with far sever reactions reported.

The point is that everyone should educate themselves before just taking any one person’s opinion. That includes ours…so check out the FDA’s site yourself and form your own opinion.