FDA has made recommendations, but not laws, regarding spray tanning.

They recommend asking the following ?’s.

Will my eyes and the area surrounding them be protected?
Will my nose, mouth, and ears be protected?
Will I be protected from inhaling the tanning spray through my nose or mouth?

They say “If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” look for another salon. Otherwise you are putting yourself at risk for exposure to chemicals with potentially dangerous effects.“

They use the word chemicals, plural. Beyond DHA tanning solution can be filled with garbage…including mercury, lead and arsenic. Even in trace amounts, you still need to be conscious of what’s going on and in your body. So ask to see the solution bottle yourself..don’t just take anyone’s “word” for it.

BronzedBerry produces and manufactures Organic Tanning Solution here in the USA. We use certified organic ingredients as well as ECO-Cert DHA. We only sell our solution to certified artists, every artist carries her ingredients list with her, right on the solution bottle.

BronzedBerry uses specific equipment, technique and practices in order to limit inhalation of our solution. We use open tents, free flowing air, and less than one fifth of the solution used in spray tanning booths per client.

We take pride in protecting clients. Before we spray a clients face, we ask that they close their eyes and mouth as well as hold their breath. We do mist the face for only 3 second intervals, and provide an additional 2 seconds before we ask them to breathe so ensure solution has drifted down away from their face.

There is ZERO evidence to suggest any harm from this type of tanning. In fact the FDA’s own website says that the most severe reaction reported to them on the industry was dizziness and fainting ( most likely from tanning booths).

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