Some of the stats above are scary and others are kinda funny. The point is that regardless of the fact that 2 people died from a pedicure (staph infection), we aren’t boycotting nail salons. In fact with all the deaths from skin cancer, we aren’t even banning UV tanning salons.

#GMA today had a 3 minute stint on the FDA’s regulations regarding spray tanning. While the information contained in this “expose” isn’t new,  it did send a lot of people in a tailspin.

The truth is that most anything you do in life can pose some sort of threat to someone….just look at the warning label on your pillows. Potential death from pursuing beauty is definitely something to be taken seriously and looked at carefully. We applaud Good Morning America from wanting to take a look at a popular and booming trend, spray tanning.

But…I have to say that while they whipped people up in a frenzy..they offered ZERO facts concerning what the potential “danger” actually was.

While they referenced the FDA’s recommendations, no quote was even provided from the FDA or any other organization backing up the “danger” scare.