An unlikely duo, me and my Crocs (seen in pic above). I’m a reformed high heel wearer. Reformed in the sense that I still occasionally indulge but my day to day footwear has changed.

Q: Why?

A: Happiness.

As a petite “shorty” being only 4’11’’, I’m always the the shortest of the short at any event. I love how high heels make me feel…like part of the group, strong and competent. What I hated, the hurting, sore tootsies I had to endure for the better part of a decade. I decided that I needed some flats, I was going to have to accept my height and move on. I tried so many varieties, even some high priced popular ones that start with a T and a B. But my feet still hurt. What’s a girl to do? My friend introduced to me to “cute Crocs” as she said. As a hair stylist she was on her feet a lot so I knew that I could trust her in the comfort aspect But, I wasn’t sure I could resign myself to Crocs. Happiness won me over when I bought my first pair.  As a spray tanning artist, Mom and founder of BronzedBerry, I’m  always on my feet. And I need sure footing plus the fact I can throw my shoes in the wash just makes me smile.

I love my Crocs!!!

I’m not ashamed, in fact I think every women should own a pair. I feel confident, powerful and competent in my Crocs…oh yeah and my spray tan 🙂