BB cream advertising is all the rage. So, what is it? And, is it something that will add value to my beauty routine?

The BB stands for beauty balm. and according to Wikipedia BB creams are a facial product intended to replace our moisturizer, serum, primer, foundation, and sunblock. While this may sound like a modern miracle it actually has been around for decades in Asia. Only recently has it become all the rage here in the States.

We all want it all and with our busy lives this multi-functional product sounds like an answer to morning routines prayers. But, do they work? It seems every retailer and major cosmetic brand has one that they claim to be the best.

It seems that our pursuit to look and remain youthful has finally caught up with our obsession of having a tan.

Lucy Gillam (In-Cosmetics event director) was recently quoted as saying this in an article (Witness Protection) for happi magazine in regards to BB creams.

We (BronzedBerry) are loving the fact that more and more women are seriously looking into adding sunblock to their daily lives and routine. It’s such a great way to protect your face from premature aging. Email us if you are using one of these creams and let us know your thoughts on which ones out there are the best. And remember protect your face from UV damage and get a spray tan!