Recently, while doing research for upcoming blog articles I came across a blog that is now on my must read list; Adventures With My Enemy Melanoma. 

If you’ve been reading these posts before you know what a fanatic I am about sunscreen and protecting your skin. You may even know that my own father died of Melanoma in 2010.

About a year ago I saw a video on the Skin Cancer Foundations website about a super brave chick, Chelsea P. Click to watch the original video.

Chelsea is an amazing advocate for skin cancer awareness and a true inspiration. We are hoping to get a one on one interview with her soon..maybe even a vblog.

Recently she updated her blog with the story of her friend, and who she calls her melanoma twin, Julie. Julie is battling melanoma herself and after returning from her honeymoon got the worst news a cancer survivor/fighter can hear. It’s back.

Read the full article and cheer Julie on: Click here

With Care,

Amie B