4 Rules For The Perfect Wedding Day Spray Tan

Q: If I spray tan before my wedding will it “wash out” my hubby-to-be in our wedding photos?

A: It depends. Brides everywhere..all over the globe are spray tanning before their wedding days. We couldn’t be happier about this but be careful going too dark before your big day might be a dramatic look you don’t want to remember forever in pictures.

Follow these 4 Rules For The Perfect Wedding Day Spray Tan:

  1. Trial – Make sure to schedule a trial tan about 30 days prior to your wedding. Have your Artist or Technician give you a “wedding glow”..this is their opportunity to show you that they can provide an even and natural glow for your big day.
  2. Selfie – Take a seflie two days post tan, next to your fiancé and see what you think. Report back to your Artist/Technician on the color and if you need any adjustments made.
  3. Virgin skin – Do not UV or fake bake at least 10 days prior to your wedding spray tan. This includes using tanning creams or sprays. Also, use sunscreen…you don’t want tan lines on your big day.
  4. 48 Hours – Is the “sweet spot” for your wedding tan. You want at least two days/showers before your big day. This gives your tan ample time to develop and some time to adjust. Day one is always the darkest and most dramatic…usually by day two you look fabulous and ready for the big day.