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Death of Spray Tanning? No way Racked, you are wrong.

Spray tanning is here to stay and this year’s Red Carpet is proof.

The 2015 Emmy’s on Sept 20th, 2015 proved an online blogger wrong. Guilianna Rancic (reality tv star), Joanne Froggatt (actress Downton Abby) and Sarah Hyland (actress Modern Family) are just a few examples of stars showing off their spray tans this Red Carpet season. See more Emmy celeb pics here.

Racked, an online website dedicated to all things Red Carpet posted an article on Sept 18th, 2015 predicting that spray tanning and celebrities are on the outs, just two days before the big event.

Tynan Sinks used 3 celebrity examples from 2014′s Emmy’s as the basis of his prediction ( Lena Dunham, Natasha Lyonne and Zooey Deschanel). Well, he was WRONG! 

Their is no argument that women do not need a spray tan to be beautiful. However, predicting that spray tanning is going away based on three or four examples is silly. Worth noting is that Zooey’s 2014 Emmy pic contradicts Mr. Sinks. Even though she’s tanned up like a golden goddess it seems that she does have a warm hue to her whole body…indicating a great spray tan!

Spray tanning doesn’t have to be dramatic, it’s all about customizing to what your client wants. Some clients want to look like they just came back from the Canary Islands while others want just a warm glow. This multi-billion dollar industry isn’t going away anytime soon and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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