Spray Tanning: Pregnant Women

There are many opinions on whether or not spray tanning during pregnancy is dangerous. All of the literature that I’ve read base their answer on a similar factors.

Does DHA (active ingredient in sunless solutions that change the color of skin) actually absorb into the skin during spray tanning? If so then their is a potential that your baby might also get some of that…so some doctors recommend waiting until after your first trimester.

To be clear there is no conclusive evidence that DHA is absorbed past the top layer of skin….and their have been no cases reported to the FDA or legal cases that involve the use of DHA harming any fetus.

An article on this very subject was posted in May 2010, check it out here. This arcticle even boasts about some benefits to spray tanning during pregnancy.


The nutrients added to some airbrush tanners can be beneficial for the skin and help a pregnant woman’s skin remain nourished and elastic as the body stretches. Also, most tanning places suggest you use an after-tan lotion or moisturizing cream that is loaded with even more vitamins and nutrients, which further helps the skin.

Read more: Is Airbrush Tanning Safe While Pregnant? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5052120_airbrush-tanning-safe-pregnant_.html#ixzz1ADj1i0pl

Most websites tell you to consult your physician if you are thinking of spray tanning during your first trimester..personally at BronzedBerry we discourage this in the first trimester but are confident that our Organic solutions after the first three months of pregnancy is quite all right.

As with anything moderation is key. You have to give up so much during pregnancy it’s nice to know there are a few things you can still do to give you an instant self esteem booster..cause lets face it everyone looks better Bronzed.

Two Week Spray Tan


Two Week Spray Tan

spray tan can do it yourself organic  sunless tanning spray

As a spray tan artist, I pride myself on providing streak free, no orange tans to my clients. For a special occasion, I always recommend to my clients and friends that a professional spray tan is a way. Sometimes it’s not that easy and you need a solution that will work with your on the go lifestyle.

This has become more evident to me with this current wedding season. Many of my friends have been coming to me with the same dilemma.

I’m going out of town and I need my tan to last longer.

So I’ve been on a mission to help them and find answers. Along the way, I’ve come across products that had fabulous instant coverage but was a little sparkly and washed completely off in the shower. Which also means that it rubbed all over my clothes and on everything I touched, including my couch and desk. Yuck! Some products have so much alcohol in them they actually dehydrated my skin which made my tan fade even faster!

The difference you can see and smell.

  • Unlike lotions, it sprays on and you can control the coverage.
  • Made with Certified Organic Ingredients. No alcohol or parabens.
  • Instantly covers with bronzer while DHA is working its magic.

Why I’m loving it. It’s healthy, safe and can make you look beautiful, duh no brainer! I use it after my sunless tan has begun to fade. I have noticed on myself that my legs will stay tan much longer than my arms. This is an issue for me since my arms are my main concern.

Now I can simply spray this on after I get out of the shower, before any lotion! I wait a few minutes, speed up drying time by using your hair dryer. Then for any spots that I have over sprayed and I can see some drip marks I use a tanning lotion with bronzer in a circular motion to even it all out. Let’s get real, most people can’t spray themselves using both their left and right hands evenly, I’m no exception. It’s very difficult but using these products I had flawless results, even my first time.

We estimate that one spray tan and one Classic Can will give you a consistent beautiful tan for about 2 weeks!!