Shame on You Dr. Oz

Here is my response to a recent article written by Dr. Oz on the subject of Dangerous Spray Tans, on NewsMax.com.

“Shame on you Dr. Oz! I’ve been a fan of yours for years but this kind of non-fact based conjecture is appalling. You’ve now armed teens with ammunition this prom season with a reason to go to tanning beds.

Here’s my problem: 1) You say “experts” are concerned about accidental inhaling, but you don’t say who those experts are. Is it you? Would you really consider yourself and expert in this area? Based on your above statement, I would say you have limited knowledge on this subject. 2) In that same sentence about inhaling solution you include creams and lotions as potentially dangerous because of inhalation concerns. I don’t know about you but I don’t inhale my lotions or creams. I rub them on my skin. 3) You mention an animal study that indicates potential DNA damage…but you don’t site that source. Please let us know where we can read this study. At the bottom of my comment I’ve included a URL for a study by the SCCS that specifically says the opposite. It was produced by an independent lab with 3 separate scientists, which concludes that inhalation isn’t an issue!!! 4) You claim some salons say the FDA has approved DHA for inhalation. I’m unaware of any that claim such. But, if you found a salon that does this then they are mistaken or uneducated but I’m hard pressed to believe you or your staff actually called any salon and received such a comment. The FDA has approved DHA for use in cosmetics. 5) Two years ago ABC did get a quote from Rick Norvell (see using facts) who said that his product contained “The solution we use is a non-toxic, food grade product.” , he later recognized his error and put out an apology as well as continued to make great strides in educating people with FDA suggestions. Again, I seriously doubt that your staff actually interviewed any salons recently who are making this claim.Those in the sunless industry have continued to educate themselves and consumers. It’s shameful to hold the industry to rhetoric and quotes from years ago without doing any current research.

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Real Life Success: Laurie B

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GMA VS. BronzedBerry

GMA VS. BronzedBerry

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Oops they did it again…ABC launches another smear campaign against spray tanning. The last one was in 2012.

What’s different this time?  Less facts than before. Listen as @paulafaris shares the truth about the FDA’s spray tanning regulations. But, she fails to leave out some pretty big points.

Point 1: FDA says the dangers are “unknown”

Point 2: FDA says that no one has reported serious injury or death

Point 3: FDA doesn’t make laws…so these salons aren’t breaking any rules.

Find the truth for yourself by visiting the FDA’s site yourself.

How 1 Million Selfies Increase My Tanning Business

Infographic Via Techinfographics.com

Over a million selfies are taken each day, that’s incredible. It’s fantastic that we are able to capture so many memories and the technology is amazing!

So, what’s the problem? EGO…we are so obsessed with ourselves…and not the real selves the selves that we tweak, alter and basically makeup to look like who we want to be and not who we really are.

I’m all for looking your best…that’s why I’m in the spray tanning business. I want to good, to me that includes a spray tan. It seems others feel the same way because is booming.

Gearing up for holiday parties women can spend up to 5 hours getting ready, according to DailyMail.com. A spray tan is included in this ritual and while we can’t complain..business is good, I’m also aware that this obsession with looking good in selfies is wasted energy.

Get a tan and feel good about yourself but don’t just do it so that your Facebook friends and Instagram groupies like you….do it because you like it, not need it to feel good.

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X-Factor Winner: Ugly Duckling Turned Spray Tan God

Self proclaimed Ugly Duckling, Ben Haenow won the X Factor this past Sunday. According to an article posted by UnRealityTV, he used to be goth and wear makeup to school. Now he indulges in regular spray tanning sessions and professional hair and makeup.

We love it that men are embracing this healthy glow and willing to share. Everyone looks better with a spray tan…as long as it’s a good one.

Kudos to Bens spray tan artist….he looks great!

Check out his music and the whole interview here.

Dangers of Tanning: Duh!

Tanning is a sign that sun damage has occurred. It is triggered by exposure to both UVA and UVB light.UVA rays are considered the dominant tanning ray. UVA light penetrate deep into the skin and can tan skin without burning. When skin is exposed to UVA radiation, sun damage is caused. The UV radiation triggers certain cells called melanocytes produces more melanin pigment, which tries to protect your cells from further damage by absorbing UV radiation from the sun. As your skin gets darker, it is a sign that damage has already occurred. Additionally, as skin darkens, it increases the risk of mutations which can lead to skin cancer.

UVB rays also contribute to tanning, but is the chief cause of sunburns and reddening of the skin. The damage inflicted by UVB rays can also lead to skin cancer.

Tanning beds are especially dangerous because of the high intensity of UV light exposure. Under natural conditions, UVA is accumulated slowly and the tanning process can take several days. Tanning beds however expose users to significantly higher doses of UVA rays. In fact, indoor tanning can increase the risk of developing melanoma by 75%.

* Source: American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

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3 Reasons To Create Your Own Spray Tanning Brand

  1. Spray tan junkie! If you can’t live without your spray tans and creams and this is a lifestyle for you.
  2. Inspirational idea! If you are bursting at the seams because you’ve got a burning desire to fill a void in this market and just know you’d be great at it.
  3. Time on your side! If you’ve got time set aside daily to invest in the concept, marketing, promotion, licenses, taxes, client acquisition strategy, brand development, tanning certification, continued education …oh yeah and time to tan clients after all that’s done.

A really great question to ask yourself is:


Creating a brand can be rewarding, fun and liberating but it can also be lonely, disheartening and compromising. There are only so many hours in a day, and we don’t know how many days we’ve got. Dig deep and ask yourself why you need to have your own brand. Is all that hard work going to provide you with a full time job so that you can quit your current one? Is it going to provide you the flexibility to achieve your own personal entrepreneurial dreams? If the answer is a resounding “YES”, then go for it!

But if you want the rewards of being tan all the time and making money doing it then maybe it’s okay to run your own business under and existing company. You can still have all the flexibility of being your own boss but the freedom on passing the tough stuff buck onto someone else’s shoulder. j

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How To Guide: Tanning Curtains

Easy as pie clean up for at home spray tanning.

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Can Sunless Tanners Cause Cancer?

Don’t be, according expert, Dr David Bank M.D.  The dermatologist has an impressive expertise in this area. Check out his bio and full answer to this question, posted in The Skin Cancer’s “Ask The Expert” section of their website (click here).

Dr. Bank claims sprays and creams are “completely harmless”. Whewww, cause we weren’t about to give up our spray tan addiction easily.

Regardless of what brand of cream or spray you use..remember to look at the ingredient list. If you can’t pronounce it easily…look it up! Unfortunately the term Organic isn’t regulated in the beauty industry so make sure to put some effort into picking the right one for you.

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