BronzedBerry: 5 Years Young

Thank you to our clients and artists who continue to spread the word about sun safety and getting a spray tan! It’s because of you that we can celebrate this milestone.

Happy 5th Birthday to BronzedBerry, may you continue to make others glow for many years to come.

Legal Age Limit on Tanning Beds?

Legal age limit for tanning beds? – CNN.com
Tanning salons are already under siege — they got taxed by the health law, are newly regulated by the federal government and states, and have become dermatologists’ favorite bad guy. But some policymakers say that’s not enough. Pointing to rising skin cancer rates and increased marketing toward young people, these public health advocates want new national restrictions regarding who can get their indoor tan on.
By Lisa Gillespie, Kaiser Health News

Risks of Indoor Tanning

The Risks Of Indoor Tanning Are So Much More Than Skin Cancer

When people think of indoor tanning, skin cancer usually comes to mind. And while there’s certainly a correlation – more skin cancer cases can be attributed to indoor tanning than lung cancer cases can be attributed to smoking – research shows ther… (Read more: click the link below)


Fix A Streaky Spray Tan

streaky spray tan fix

Perfect Faux Glow

The perfect way to fix a messed up spray tan! If you can’t get your hands on BronzedBerry’s Extend then use another tanning cream…but be careful that it’s made with good quality ingredients and therefore won’t make you orange. Our Artists stock our products so call one and grab it today, or simply order online.

Avid sunless tanners know that disasters can strike at any time leaving you worried about all the “what ifs”. Keep a good quality tanning cream, like BronzedBerry’s Extend, in your possession so that you can be prepared if disaster strikes you. These type of lotions not only help build a natural glow over time, they, when used properly can extend the life of your spray tan by up to 30%. Also, if you get wet after you’ve been sprayed you can rub tanning lotion on and blend your dribble marks, go to bed and wake up with a great looking glow.

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End Sticky Spray Tans Forever!

Revealed: The End To Sticky Spray Tans…Forever! 

Have you ever heard, “ don’t put anything on your skin after your spray tan”? If you’ve ever received a professional spray tan, we can guarantee your artist said this. For the most part it’s true, we don’t want to risk you messing up your new gorgeous glow by wiping it away.

Truth: You can’t get wet.

Truth: We don’t want you touching your skin. You can accidentally remove your tan or even worse transfer the solution to your palms and once you realize that your palms look orange, it’s too late.

Truth: it feels sticky and most of the time we say “deal with it”, in a nice way of course.

Solution: If you really want the luxury of a professional tan but don’t want to feel sticky…use some powder. That’s right, powder! We recommend finding an organic, talc free formula. Apply it with a powder pouf to any area you feel sticky…it’s kind of like magic.

Disclaimer: Please, please, please wait until you are dry. This does not dry you faster. If you put powder on something that is wet all you’ll create is a mess. Wait your mandatory 5-10 minutes after application to dust some loose powder on your body and pouf…you’ll feel human again.