USA or China…it matters!

USA or China….it matters!

When considering starter kits for your spray tanning business take a look and find out the country of origin for both the equipment and the solution.

Solution/Products: US manufacturers of products and solutions as well as business practices fall under the FDA and SCC. Guidelines can protect the technician against the use of inferior or even harmful ingredients. Don’t be fooled, though, not all US companies use high quality and safe ingredients. Do research and look at ingredients.

Example: Dye..do you want to explain to your client why their clothes are ruined simply because 90% of companies supplying tanning solutions use red and yellow dye in their products? Or look for a company that does not use dye, like BronzedBerry.

Kits/Equipment: Many companies sell kits with Chinese tanning machines. Usually they have a 90 Day warranty and little customer service backing up your purchase. When choosing to purchase a US unit the customer service is local and warranty’s are at least 6 months.

Did you know that BronzedBerry has a loaner program? If an artist’s machine goes on the fritz we will ship them a loaner unit while theirs is getting repaired.


Get Your Business Going

940 Million Dollars = US spray tanning revenue

That sounds like a lot of money, because it is! Every time there is a funny pic posted on social media regarding celebrity “bad spray tans”, it’s good for business.

Why? Because of the old adage, “no publicity is bad’. Spray tanning has become part of our rhetoric. When was last time someone said, “what’s a spray tan”?

Spray tanning is here to stay and according to Statista, it’s on the rise.


BronzedBerry Artists provide natural looking tans with natural ingredients.

Book and artists in your area or become one!


3 Ways to Kill Your Spray Tanning Business

3 Ways To KILL Your Spray Tanning Business

Profit killers of spray tanning businesses may surprise you. Spray tanning technicians start off their business with gusto and eagerness, but like many other “work from home” careers they fall prey to similar habits that will ultimately KILL their businesses.

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  1. Stop Training
  2. Become “Just like everyone else”
  3. Quit Working Their Business

Avoid these: Learn More

Each one of these is enough to kill any business but the combination will ensure demise. Let’s break down each one of these and learn how to prevent or get out of these terrible habits.

Stop Training: So, you’ve got your kit and DVD. Maybe you even trained with someone one on one for a few hours. That’s a great start but that will only begin to scratch the surface. True professionals and experts never stop learning.

In the beginning many technicians simply want to spray clients and achieve a “Not orange” look.  I call that, low expectations and the BARE MINIMUM of what you should strive for. True, in the beginning you’ll want to have that goal, but once achieved, what’s next? If that’s the only trick you’ve got in the bag, then you’ll never set your business apart from anyone else and you won’t be able to command higher prices. Do you want to be the cheapest tan forever? Some people have what it takes to self-improve. This requires trying new techniques with your gun, teaching yourself custom blending and contouring. Most people will NOT be able to achieve this without guidance, most people don’t have the time or willing models to undergo such an experiment.

In order to make more money per client you need to be better than the average artist. You need to expand your services and set yourself apart.


Here are 3 questions to put into your business plan. Don’t have a business plan for your spray tanning business? Get one here.

  1. What is your continuing education strategy?
  2. Where are you going to get it?
  3. How much is it going to cost you?

Become “Just like everyone else”: Distinguish yourself in this sea of self-proclaimed “experts”. In order to do this, you have to know who is your competitor. You also have to know how much they charge, where they travel to and what they offer. After you’ve done your research on your competitors its much easier to know what sets you apart. Your price, service and expertise should set you apart in your local market. Prove it with a great professional website, professional marketing materials, business cards and most importantly  reviews. Client testimonials don’t have to be sophisticated, before and after photos can be made on your smart phone using pictures that you’ve taken of a client along with a testimonial you received via email. You can post those to your social media sites as well as include them on marketing material. Make sure to get written approval from client.

Visibility can breath life into your business. If clients that are searching for spray tanning in your area can’t find you, how do you intend to grow? Do a Google and Yelp search for Spray Tanning ( your city) and see who comes up. Do you?

Here are 3 questions to put into your spray tanning business plan.

  1. How is your service different than your competitors?
  2. What, specific, service do you offer that your competitors don’t?
  3. How can I get my business noticed virtually in my community?

Quit Working Your Business: Even though you may not have a “brick and mortar” store front you still own a business, right? Your business and you deserve to be taking seriously. This will only happen when YOU take your business seriously. Even if it’s part-time, you have a right to take pride in ownership of what you have accomplished. Not everyone wants to be a full time 40+ hour a week tanning artist. Maybe for you tanning 2 nights per week making an extra $300 is exactly what fits into you life. Don’t let others define the value of your business based on their prejudice of “work from home” businesses.

Each day you need to wake up and prioritize your day. Some days your personal life, home or holiday’s will take precedence. Don’t judge yourself for that! That’s the beauty of working for yourself. But, in that same way don’t become lazy. Working your business needs to fit in, otherwise the income potential will vanish and you’ll end up with a hobby.

Here are 3 tactics to working your business regularly:

  1. Identify how much $$ you want to make weekly. Divide that total by your per session price. For this purpose we are going to assume that you tan 1 client per half hour of work. The equation looks lilt this: $300 per week/ $25 per session= 12 Half Hours = 6 Hours of Work
  2. Commit to working the amount of hours per week you want to be booked with clients right now! Establish a set schedule of when you are going to working those hours and let your family know you are “unavailable” during that time, just like you would be with a client.
  3. Begin working through your business plan and executing your strategy with your newly dedicated time. This should always include a marketing strategy and evaluating current marketing.

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Tip: Going it alone can be frustrating and turbulent. Look for a supplier that fills all your needs. If you only need solution and your infrastructure is in place (website, logo, marketing materials etc), then find a company that not everyone is using or has a special meaning or story. If you need the whole kit and caboodle, consider a company like ours (BronzedBerry.com). We provide certification, mentors, ongoing training, events, websites, marketing material and more for as little as $9.95 a month).

Kim Mowrey

Family health concerns and income opportunity is what inspired Kim to become a BronzedBerry Artist. Read below and hear from a veteran in the biz.

“I came to BronzedBerry because it offered me an organic mobile spray tanning company, which is something that I strongly believed in because my family has suffered with cancer and I wanted to find a way to stay tan and still not have the effects of the UV radiation. BronzedBerry has allowed me to get my Masters Degree in Applied Statistics free of student loans and also purchase a new home in Detroit, Michigan. I love BronzedBerry!”


Babies and Spraytans

Top 3 Ways To Keep Baby Safe After Spray Tan

  1. Baby Wipes – Use to clean off area that will contact baby’s mouth. Even though the solution is organic, it can turn baby’s mouth and face orange. Just for added measure clean baby’s face and arms after feeding, with another wipe.
  2. Cover Belly – Lay a shirt or blanket across mama’s belly to prevent the solution from transferring from her tummy to baby’s clothes or skin.
  3. Don’t Avoid It – Nothing should prevent you from feeding and bonding with your baby, especially a beauty routine. Enjoy being a Mommy and feel confident with a healthy organic glow.

Breastfeeding is a total do with BronzedBerry’s organic tanning solution. Our products and solutions are made in the USA, with certified organic ingredients.

Take a look at our ingredients here.

Pregnant tanning? Yup, you can.

Death of Spray Tanning? No way Racked, you are wrong.

Spray tanning is here to stay and this year’s Red Carpet is proof.

The 2015 Emmy’s on Sept 20th, 2015 proved an online blogger wrong. Guilianna Rancic (reality tv star), Joanne Froggatt (actress Downton Abby) and Sarah Hyland (actress Modern Family) are just a few examples of stars showing off their spray tans this Red Carpet season. See more Emmy celeb pics here.

Racked, an online website dedicated to all things Red Carpet posted an article on Sept 18th, 2015 predicting that spray tanning and celebrities are on the outs, just two days before the big event.

Tynan Sinks used 3 celebrity examples from 2014′s Emmy’s as the basis of his prediction ( Lena Dunham, Natasha Lyonne and Zooey Deschanel). Well, he was WRONG! 

Their is no argument that women do not need a spray tan to be beautiful. However, predicting that spray tanning is going away based on three or four examples is silly. Worth noting is that Zooey’s 2014 Emmy pic contradicts Mr. Sinks. Even though she’s tanned up like a golden goddess it seems that she does have a warm hue to her whole body…indicating a great spray tan!

Spray tanning doesn’t have to be dramatic, it’s all about customizing to what your client wants. Some clients want to look like they just came back from the Canary Islands while others want just a warm glow. This multi-billion dollar industry isn’t going away anytime soon and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

4 Ways Keep Baby Safe When Sunless Tanning

  1. Choose Wisely– Find a brand with ingredients you can pronounce and company you can trust.
  2. Dry – Allow at least 10 minutes for yourself to dry completely before feeding your tot. Get dressed and make certain to cover any exposed skin so your little one does not transfer it on their body.
  3. Wipe – Directly before feeding make sure to wipe breast area off with a baby wipe or wet wash cloth to remove the tanning solution. Even though it’s dry it is still present on the skin and should be removed to avoid baby ingesting product.
  4. Relax – There is nothing that indicates sunless tanning can cause harm to your little one during feeding. If you wipe off the solution you’ll be good to go!

Check out BronzedBerry’s ingredients, click here.


Work your charity bone. Work your bum. Work your business.

Join BronzedBerry in our first ever Tutu and Training event where we combine a charity 5k color event with artist training.

Free one on one instruction with live models will take place from 2-4pm at the home of BronzedBerry’s owner, Amie Burkholder. This is the perfect time to complete your certification, refine your technique and perfect your craft.

Step 1: Mark your calendar and set aside Sept 12th, 2015 (7am – 5pm)

Step 2: Register for 5k Color Rush under team BronzedBerry. Click here

Step 3: BronzedBerry will send you an itinerary for the day. Including address, what to expect and what to bring.


Bonus: BronzedBerry Gold Rush line launching at training event.

Plastic Surgeons Advice?

“Yes” says plastic surgeon.
Recently reporter, Rachel Damgen sought out advice from plastic surgeon, Dr Audrey Klenke on the subject matter of spray tanning.

BronzedBerry is happy to report that we have ZERO chemicals in our products and solutions that Dr. Klenke warns about below.

audrey surgeon tanning

Rachel’s Question: Do self-tanners or spray tans pose any health risks? Are there any chemicals or other ingredients I should avoid?

Dr’s Answer: Sunless tanning is the healthiest way to get that nice summer glow. However, you should be cautious of the product you use and how you use it. Sunless products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so it’s up to you to pick a quality product. Ingredients you should avoid are alcohol, parabens, dyes, formaldehyde and any other harsh chemicals. Be sure to read the ingredients on any self-tanner you are considering buying, and don’t be afraid to ask your spray tan technician if you can take a look at the product he or she is using. Be especially cautious of formaldehyde, which may be listed under several different names such as DMDM, Formalin, Methanal, Methyl aldehyde, Methylene oxide, Morbicid acid and Oxymethylene.

Read full interview on islandpacket.com