Honor Your Gut!

Whether you are in business for yourself, want to be or just want to succeed in your current endeavor finding trustworthy advice can be hard to come by.

One such trustworthy source is Natalie Macneil.   Her website She Takes On The World, is listed by Forbes as one of the “Top 10 websites for Entrepreneurial women”.

Her video interviews are great. And in case you skipped or didn’t listen to her 28 minute interview with Maria Forleo…I’ve comprised a synopsis of some great takeaway’s you can use in business today!


1. Be Outstanding at one or two things…not dozens. 


Maria recommends focusing on just one or two things that you can excel at in your space. Don’t try to compete with companies, businesses that have more resources than you by overextending yourself.

Application as I see if for mobile spray tanning technicians, we call artists, is that don’t try and have a Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account for your business of one. If most of your peeps are on Facebook then go with that, if you are more comfortable with Instagram…do it!  I read once in a book by Gary Vaynerchuk that you should never start a business that you couldn’t blog 50 things about right away. Meaning, if you are not passionate and don’t have anything to add to the subject..maybe you shouldn’t be in that business. Now, when first starting any new venture you may not be an expert yet, that’s okay. But make sure you seek out someone who is. Get educated and then get talking. Don’t spread yourself too thin. If you are excelling in one area that may be enough to explode your business if you keep doing it. Don’t be mediocre at 50 things…it’s okay to be amazing at just 2!

2. How to focus with multi-passions.


As women not one of us can truly focus on just one thing. A lot of us have jobs, school, family and even second jobs. But there are some ways in which we can harness focus on the activities that can boost our business into success. Take a look at the questions Maria challenges us with in order to prioritize our focus. If we chose to spread our passions out that might mean sacrificing true success of any one of things we care about. No such thing as “having it all”.

3. Simple beats complex.


This goes to the whole, “Trust your gut” thing. If something has too many bells and whistles or has too many strings attached it may not be a good fit. This sounds intuitive but we all need to hear sometimes to “TRUST YOUR GUT”!

4. People already dislike you. 


Sound harsh? Not really, it’s really an enlightening idea if you think about it. Maria explains that you should not be fearful to put yourself out there because there are already people that know you and don’t like you and “ so what?”, that hasn’t killed you yet. Criticism can often come from people who are risk adverse and are straight up jealous. Let the haters hate.

5. Courage


Thanks Maria, enough said.

FDA’s Real Stance on Tanning?

…because the risks, if any, are unknown.

Want to know the FDA’s real stance on the spray tanning industry. Just check out their website. Click here.

The FDA has created restrictions for spray tanning based on the unknown. According to them, they don’t know what IF ANY risks there are associated with spray tanning.

Their general stance is that inhalation and exposure to mucous membranes should be avoided.

DHA was approved by FDA for topical use only…not intended to be inhaled.

Spray tanning booths have NEVER BEEN EVALUATED by the FDA. It’s up to the manufacturers of these booths to submit research to the FDA to prove their safety.

FDA: Severe Spray Tan Reaction Report

Did you know that on the FDA’s own website it lists the consumer reported reactions? It’s a great resource! Let’s look at what types of negative reactions have been reported to FDA about spray tanning.

Here’s a list complained directly from their website:

“FDA has received reports from consumers stating that they have experienced adverse events associated with sunless tanning, including rashes and, primarily in the case of spray tanning booths, coughing, dizziness, and fainting. It is uncertain what, if any, ingredient or combination of ingredients in the sunless tanning products might have caused these adverse events, whether an individual’s allergic reaction might have played a part, or whether factors unrelated to the sunless tanning products may have been involved, such as pre-existing medical conditions.”

Hmmm did you catch the part in bold?  The consumer could’ve had a reaction to any of other ingredients….maybe not the DHA. Also, does that list look to you to be so dangerous as to cause national panic? I’ve seen cold medicine commercials with far sever reactions reported.

The point is that everyone should educate themselves before just taking any one person’s opinion. That includes ours…so check out the FDA’s site yourself and form your own opinion.

Death: Pedicure vs. Spray Tan

Some of the stats above are scary and others are kinda funny. The point is that regardless of the fact that 2 people died from a pedicure (staph infection), we aren’t boycotting nail salons. In fact with all the deaths from skin cancer, we aren’t even banning UV tanning salons.

#GMA today had a 3 minute stint on the FDA’s regulations regarding spray tanning. While the information contained in this “expose” isn’t new,  it did send a lot of people in a tailspin.

The truth is that most anything you do in life can pose some sort of threat to someone….just look at the warning label on your pillows. Potential death from pursuing beauty is definitely something to be taken seriously and looked at carefully. We applaud Good Morning America from wanting to take a look at a popular and booming trend, spray tanning.

But…I have to say that while they whipped people up in a frenzy..they offered ZERO facts concerning what the potential “danger” actually was.

While they referenced the FDA’s recommendations, no quote was even provided from the FDA or any other organization backing up the “danger” scare.


GMA VS. BronzedBerry

GMA VS. BronzedBerry

Watch Video

Oops they did it again…ABC launches another smear campaign against spray tanning. The last one was in 2012.

What’s different this time?  Less facts than before. Listen as @paulafaris shares the truth about the FDA’s spray tanning regulations. But, she fails to leave out some pretty big points.

Point 1: FDA says the dangers are “unknown”

Point 2: FDA says that no one has reported serious injury or death

Point 3: FDA doesn’t make laws…so these salons aren’t breaking any rules.

Find the truth for yourself by visiting the FDA’s site yourself.

This Valentines Day: 3 Ways to Get in the Mood

3 Ways To Force Yourself To Be “In the mood”:

  1. Turn off electronic devices 60/90 minutes before going to bed. Research indicates that the light(s) simulate our brain too much. Daniel Craig has even touted the benefits to his marriage to Rachel Weisz with his “no phone” policy. Instead try taking a bath or reading an actual book or magazine instead.
  2. Hydrate for energy, it may seem silly but maintaing healthy water intake the entire day to ward off “headaches” and to help combat fatigue from the day. Research indicates hydration plays a key role in our bodies and mind aligning.
  3. Self-confidence, is an absolute must. Feeling good about your naked body plays a key role in your desire for affection with your mate. Spray tanning is a great way to give your self-esteem a boost, you’ll feel slimmer and it helps to camouflage pesky bumps and lumps.

….get a spray tan….Basically do whatever it is that makes you feel confident and sexy.

Quoted from Colleen Oakley, contributor for Women’s Health mag, reinforces our sentiment about self-confidence.

Drink More Coffee=Less Risk for Melanoma?

Before you “Cheers” yourself and pour another cup of joe…read the facts. According to the Skin Cancer Organization the reduced rate of melanoma for coffee drinkers ( 4 or more cups per day) might have to do with the fact big coffee drinkers tend to work indoors mostly and non-coffee drinkers work outside. Check out the facts…click here.

Famous People Have Moles Removed: Should You?

Name: Katherine Legge

Career: Race Car Driver

Born: 07/12/1980

Hometown: Guildford, Surrey, UK

Resides: Indianapolis, Indiana

Turned Pro: Website:

Quote: “I am happy to support the Skin Cancer Foundation as I feel I can really make a difference. If only one person gets this message and it prevents them from getting skin cancer — it will have been time well spent.”

Info from: 

Katherine Legge had a mole removed in her teens and has been vigilant about sun protection. Even though her job has risks she is devoted to unnecessary skin cancer risks and believes in sun protection.

Have your moles checked and it it’s “iffy” get it removed. Skin cancer doesn’t discriminate, even from teens.

How 1 Million Selfies Increase My Tanning Business

Infographic Via

Over a million selfies are taken each day, that’s incredible. It’s fantastic that we are able to capture so many memories and the technology is amazing!

So, what’s the problem? EGO…we are so obsessed with ourselves…and not the real selves the selves that we tweak, alter and basically makeup to look like who we want to be and not who we really are.

I’m all for looking your best…that’s why I’m in the spray tanning business. I want to good, to me that includes a spray tan. It seems others feel the same way because is booming.

Gearing up for holiday parties women can spend up to 5 hours getting ready, according to A spray tan is included in this ritual and while we can’t is good, I’m also aware that this obsession with looking good in selfies is wasted energy.

Get a tan and feel good about yourself but don’t just do it so that your Facebook friends and Instagram groupies like you….do it because you like it, not need it to feel good.

We love spray tanning find out more……

X-Factor Winner: Ugly Duckling Turned Spray Tan God

Self proclaimed Ugly Duckling, Ben Haenow won the X Factor this past Sunday. According to an article posted by UnRealityTV, he used to be goth and wear makeup to school. Now he indulges in regular spray tanning sessions and professional hair and makeup.

We love it that men are embracing this healthy glow and willing to share. Everyone looks better with a spray tan…as long as it’s a good one.

Kudos to Bens spray tan artist….he looks great!

Check out his music and the whole interview here.