Babies and Spraytans

Top 3 Ways To Keep Baby Safe After Spray Tan

  1. Baby Wipes – Use to clean off area that will contact baby’s mouth. Even though the solution is organic, it can turn baby’s mouth and face orange. Just for added measure clean baby’s face and arms after feeding, with another wipe.
  2. Cover Belly – Lay a shirt or blanket across mama’s belly to prevent the solution from transferring from her tummy to baby’s clothes or skin.
  3. Don’t Avoid It – Nothing should prevent you from feeding and bonding with your baby, especially a beauty routine. Enjoy being a Mommy and feel confident with a healthy organic glow.

Breastfeeding is a total do with BronzedBerry’s organic tanning solution. Our products and solutions are made in the USA, with certified organic ingredients.

Take a look at our ingredients here.

Pregnant tanning? Yup, you can.

Death of Spray Tanning? No way Racked, you are wrong.

Spray tanning is here to stay and this year’s Red Carpet is proof.

The 2015 Emmy’s on Sept 20th, 2015 proved an online blogger wrong. Guilianna Rancic (reality tv star), Joanne Froggatt (actress Downton Abby) and Sarah Hyland (actress Modern Family) are just a few examples of stars showing off their spray tans this Red Carpet season. See more Emmy celeb pics here.

Racked, an online website dedicated to all things Red Carpet posted an article on Sept 18th, 2015 predicting that spray tanning and celebrities are on the outs, just two days before the big event.

Tynan Sinks used 3 celebrity examples from 2014′s Emmy’s as the basis of his prediction ( Lena Dunham, Natasha Lyonne and Zooey Deschanel). Well, he was WRONG! 

Their is no argument that women do not need a spray tan to be beautiful. However, predicting that spray tanning is going away based on three or four examples is silly. Worth noting is that Zooey’s 2014 Emmy pic contradicts Mr. Sinks. Even though she’s tanned up like a golden goddess it seems that she does have a warm hue to her whole body…indicating a great spray tan!

Spray tanning doesn’t have to be dramatic, it’s all about customizing to what your client wants. Some clients want to look like they just came back from the Canary Islands while others want just a warm glow. This multi-billion dollar industry isn’t going away anytime soon and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Top 5 Success Drivers: For Women Entrepreneurs

What is a success driver? It’s simply a motivating factor that produces a desired outcome. It may sound fancy and complicated but you already have them, you just didn’t have a name for it.

1) Personality: Extroverts and Introverts alike can be very successful with home party businesses. The question to ask yourself is, “Am I able to stand in front of a small group and confidently communicate something I’m passionate about?” Extroverts often thrive on this type of engagement and find it fun to come up with funny or engaging stories to tell. Introverts like to stick to a script and feel good knowing they’ve been trained with understanding what to expect and what to communicate.

2) Time: All income bearing ventures are going to require time. The time you put in should directly impact what you can reasonable expect to get in return. This means that if you only have 5 hours a week to devote to your business you shouldn’t expect to have the same income as someone who has 20 hours a week to devote. Having only 5 hours shouldn’t prevent you from entering this industry. You just need to work smartly with your time. What’s great is that as your schedule permits and time goes on the more you can put in the more you can get out.

3) Passion: If you love this product and love making women feel beautiful and want to share your passion with those around you, this is a great opportunity. People are searching for our product and healthy lifestyles. Lifelong relationships can be created and transformed through this business.

4) Perfectionism: Often, perfectionism is looked at negatively. Trying to achieve a perfect home, family or physique can be exhausting and leave you feeling depleted. Good news is that the high expectations you hold for yourself can actually show that you care. Caring about how you do your job and wanting the results to be “perfect” for your clients is exactly the type of person who can be great as a Tanning Artist.

5) Drive: High desire to succeed. This last motivating factor on our list leading women to succeed is the most important, and having this can overcome many other obstacles. When was the last time a lack of money really and truly prevented you from getting what you felt your family really needed? When we know we “need” something we find a way to make it happen. Are you that type of person? If so, this could be for you! The simple desire to succeed, paired with training and the materials needed for success is a killer combo.

Having all of these factors isn’t necessary to be a successful Tanning Artist. However, you’ll find most of our Tanning Artists do possess more then one of these qualities.

If you want to learn more about this program or how to get started. Let us know.

Good Intentions Don’t Always Lead to Good Business

Reigning Miss America Kira Kazantsev, left, holding the spray tan gun, with B.Bronz owner Kelly Richardson, far right, at this year’s pageant festivities. INSTAGRAM PHOTO

Miss America pageants are known for drama and a little scandal but this year (2015) the drama came BEFORE the event with a sponsor, BBronze.

The Trentonian reported Richardson (owner BBronze), a convicted felon, solicited salon owners to participate in spray tanning activities in Atlantic City. Salon owners paid her up to $1000.00 to participate in the event.

The night before the event some of them were told not to bother showing up, with no talks about a refund.

We believe Kelly had every intention of working with these ladies but the situation got out of control and the result chaos. Now Miss America may be looking for a new sponsor….we think BronzedBerry might be just the thing.

Check out more of the scandal, here.

4 Ways Keep Baby Safe When Sunless Tanning

  1. Choose Wisely– Find a brand with ingredients you can pronounce and company you can trust.
  2. Dry – Allow at least 10 minutes for yourself to dry completely before feeding your tot. Get dressed and make certain to cover any exposed skin so your little one does not transfer it on their body.
  3. Wipe – Directly before feeding make sure to wipe breast area off with a baby wipe or wet wash cloth to remove the tanning solution. Even though it’s dry it is still present on the skin and should be removed to avoid baby ingesting product.
  4. Relax – There is nothing that indicates sunless tanning can cause harm to your little one during feeding. If you wipe off the solution you’ll be good to go!

Check out BronzedBerry’s ingredients, click here.

Breastfeeding Dangers?

Question: Do you think Colleens critics have looked into what garbage ingredients they are lathering all over their breasts prior to nursing their babies?

Congratulations Colleen on not being perfect…just like the rest of the world.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, clearly you don’t follow Huff Post or E online news, because this picture and topic are trending.

“Spray tanned Mom Breast feeds infant.”

Baby is fine and Mom is too despite the backlash that she received from tons of judgmental people making ridiculous claims to include, “worst mum ever”.

Great job Colleen on standing up for yourself and not taking this lying down.  Read her open letter in response to the attack on her blog.

By the way, there is no indication that tanning solution, other than tasting badly, would negatively effect this infant. Breastfeeding Moms should feel confident about spray tanning.

Avoid Scandal:  Directly after your spray tan, simply use a baby wipe to wipe the tanner off your breasts. That’s it! No fuss, no mess, no problem.


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Plastic Surgeons Advice?

“Yes” says plastic surgeon.
Recently reporter, Rachel Damgen sought out advice from plastic surgeon, Dr Audrey Klenke on the subject matter of spray tanning.

BronzedBerry is happy to report that we have ZERO chemicals in our products and solutions that Dr. Klenke warns about below.

audrey surgeon tanning

Rachel’s Question: Do self-tanners or spray tans pose any health risks? Are there any chemicals or other ingredients I should avoid?

Dr’s Answer: Sunless tanning is the healthiest way to get that nice summer glow. However, you should be cautious of the product you use and how you use it. Sunless products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so it’s up to you to pick a quality product. Ingredients you should avoid are alcohol, parabens, dyes, formaldehyde and any other harsh chemicals. Be sure to read the ingredients on any self-tanner you are considering buying, and don’t be afraid to ask your spray tan technician if you can take a look at the product he or she is using. Be especially cautious of formaldehyde, which may be listed under several different names such as DMDM, Formalin, Methanal, Methyl aldehyde, Methylene oxide, Morbicid acid and Oxymethylene.

Read full interview on

The Buzz on Burt’s Bees?

According to NPR, Burt Shavitz died on Sunday July 5th. He was the co-founder of Burt’s Bees and quite the eccentric!

We are sorry to say “goodbye” to a natural product leader who challenged the beauty industry standards of “normal”. However, we are thankful to him for proving that natural beauty products can also work great too.

Glad to see that someone captured his opinion on film. Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

Learn more about his interesting life on NPR, click here.