Chicago’s Southtown Star is Wrong about Spray Tanning

Just another example of misinformation. Correspondant Victoria Johnson report, Getting out of bed for their tans – The SouthtownStar, describes spray tanning solutions as dyes.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If I were one of the businesses that had been quoted for this article, I would be furious. DHA, is not a dye. It creates a reaction on the top layer of your skin and changes the color of that skin. It does not dye your skin a different color.

Another misprint…is that anyone who ever tanned in a tanning bed is 75% more likely to get melanoma. This is simply not what the actual study stated. Ms.Johnson sited a article published on the American Cancer society’s website this past December (2010). The article actually sited an actual study conducted by the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota.

I’m a huge proponent of getting information out to people and educating them but…twisting statistics to scare people is stretch for me. I would love it if people would stop uv tanning so their chances for skin cancer would decrease however we need to be educated in truth.

Here is a bit of the report itself:

Conclusions: In a highly exposed population, frequent indoor tanning increased melanoma risk, regardless of age when indoor tanning began. Elevated risks were observed across devices.

Impact: This study overcomes some of the limitations of earlier reports and provides strong support for the recent declaration by the IARC that tanning devices are carcinogenic in humans. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 19(6); 1557–68. ©2010 AACR.

Want to read the whole thing…click here.

We’re all about publicity for sunless tanning. That’s what we do ..but we want people to know what’s true and what’s not.

Tell me what you think…

Danger Danger:Spray Tans “linked” to poison.

It may seem strange that an owner of a spray tanning company is telling you that spray tanning has been linked to poison but BronzedBerry wants you to know the truth. Scary stuff. Most people opt to get spray tans because they are trying to achieve a beautiful glow in a safe way. Spray tanning is touted in the media, magazines, newspapers and all over the internet as perfectly safe. But just like with anything you need to be an educated consumer and make smart choices.

So here’s a little background on what we know:

The sun isn’t inherently bad for us, we need a little natural Vitamin D. Check out this great article on how to get Vitamin D naturally from the sun the safe way. But like with everything in life, too much of a anything can be harmful. The American Academy of Dermatology provides a lot of resources if you have questions about how much is too much sun, check out this article to help determine what is the proper amount of sun exposure.

It seems silly to even say this but just in case you’ve been living under a rock, everyone else knows that tanning in a UV bed is dangerous.  It can lead to many forms of skin cancer, including melanoma.

The use of indoor tanning beds before the age of 35 has been associated with a significant increase in the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. ~ American Academy of Dermatology

Talk about being scared straight..after recently losing my father to metastatic melanoma I can tell you with 100% confidence…it’s not worth it!  In a future post I’ll fill you in on dark secret..there is a lobbyist group in Washington fighting to protect tanning salons interest to keep minors “rights” to tan. Kinda reminds you of Big Tobacco doesn’t it?

So we know a little sun is good, sunscreen is great and tanning beds are bad. Great, so that means that all spray tanning must be safe..right?


Skin is the largest organ in the human body and it would be naive to think that what we put on it will not ever have negative consequences to our health. It’s also naive to believe that just becasue it’s legal means it’s safe. Many things can get FDA approval and still can be dangerous…like some forms of spray tanning.

DHA is the active ingredient that “turn” our skin brown and gives us that just of the beach glow. Read More.

The government regulates DHA and they allow several contaminants in the solution: lead, arsenic and mercury. ~

The article goes onto say a news organization (they didn’t mention who), reported that lead, mercury and arensic were allowed into the product and approved because they were intended to be applied topically and never ingested. Dr. Joseph Mercola, confirmed on his website that trace elements of these toxins do exist in some sunless tanning solutions. It is also worth mentioning that this doctor works for an organization in California, TanPlus, which promotes UV tanning. But that doesn’t negate the fact that some spray tanning solutions may be harmful to your health, and you need to be careful.

According to the TanningAdvisor website, ORGANIC SUNLESS SOLUTIONS DO NOT CARRY THESE TOXINS…whew!! There is light at the end of this tunnel. All research conducted thus far show no toxic or carcinogenic ingredients. BronzedBerry only offers organic solutions.

BronzedBerry is very proud of the organic solutions we carry, which do not compromise on fact a lot of clients tell me our tans are the best they’ve ever had! We are so pleased to be able to provide the safest tan on the market.

Want to get a safe us to schedule your next organic spray tan.

Wanna know the magic behind spray tanning?

There are so many sunless tanning products on the market today, I don’t presume to know them all or all of their ingredients but I do know a bit about spray tanning.

The active ingredient in most spray tanning solutions is DHA.

DHA is a colorless chemical (it is derived from glycerin) that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color change. Since these dead skin cells are constantly being shed, the color change produced by DHA usually lasts about five to seven days. Barbara K. Hecht, Ph.D.

DHA can tan you, one drop of this concentrated ingredient and your skin would turn “orangey” brown pretty quickly. A professional spray tanner can purchase between 48-50% concentrated DHA. For every 2-3 ounces of solution there is approximately 72 drops of this highly concentrated ingredient. In order to make the color more natural no one should ever use the full potent concentrate, it needs an emulsifier in order to provide a more natural look..thus avoiding the oompa loompa effect.

There is no evidence to suggest that DHA is not safe. The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) authorizes the regulation of color additives, including their uses and restrictions. DHA is listed in these regulations as a color additive for use in imparting color to the human body.

Barbara K. Hecht, Ph.D

Once the solution has been applied to your skin, it needs time to develop, this is the part where the DHA reacts with the amino acids on the top layer of your skin, creating that tan look. This process takes up to 12 hours to complete, but you can shower in as little as 8 hours if you must.  There are many new “one hour tan” solutions out there. In addition to the DHA and other ingredients they have added something chemically to speed up the DHA’s development process..not enough research has been conducted to indicate whether this has any negative health consequences.

BronzedBerry uses organic solutions,  which contain DHA. These solution are cruelty free and Eccocert certified. Your BronzedBerry Consultant, or any spray tanning technician, should speak with you ahead of time to determine the appropriate shade for your skin tone and the level of darkness you are trying to achieve. Any certified technician should be knowledgeable enough to custom blend a color for you. If it’s a one color fits all kind of experience, you may want to think twice. That usually indicates  a lack of education and general concern with your overall health.

Many sunless tanning or airbrush tanning solutions contain many other ingredients..such as fragrances, nuts (usually almond oil), sometimes alcohol and parabans. A lot of tanning salons that carry spray tanning booths or Mystic tans buy their solutions in bulk, so these solutions may have more preservatives than some others, like those used by individual technicians.

If you have NUT allergies tell your technician.

Spray Tan Disaster

Many of you have had horrible experiences with spray tanning in the past ..look I have as well. Check out this excerpt from a blog post I found online today, if you want to read this yourself click here.

the girl at the counter [of a tanning salon] showed me the “coffin”. You literally stand up inside this box thing and close the door and push a green button.

… the wall starts spraying me, hitting me directly in the face. I don’t know if it is because I am already claustrophobic or if it is because I am pregnant and can’t breathe.

I start literally gasping for air and spitting (still not sure why I kept spitting – maybe b/c the tan stuff was in my mouth b/c my mouth was wide open trying to get air?) and I COULD NOT BREATH

This is terrible, she goes onto say she explained her traumatic event to her one working the salon and they did not care. What kind of customer service is that! We ladies pay a lot of money to look good and we deserve some respect. The author of this post did say she felt a little bit more tan but it wasn’t worth the trouble.

So sad. It doesn’t’ have to be this way. Spray tanning is becoming more and more popular so if you simply Google “spray tanning va”, for example you can find someone who is certified that will come to you or at the very least sprays you at the salon more machines. Most of the time you can get really great deals, honestly it doesn’t really cost that much more to get a professional spray tan versus one done by a machine.

And you’re worth it! Don’t let a tragedy like this happen to you.

If you want to share a story please do..and I promise to try not to laugh.

Can Spray Tanning Give You a Better Sex Life?

Recently I read an article in my Women’s Health magazine, Same Guy Better Sex, by Colleen Oakley.  The author notes that in the beginning of relationships we often pay more attention to our appearance and do more for ourselves than we do after the 2 year mark.

She notes that women can spice things up by simply doing whatever they were doing before they fell into a relationship rut.

….get a spray tan….Basically do whatever it is that makes you feel confident and sexy.

I saw Amen..if you’re in a rut, or just want to feel awesome about yourself get a spray tan! Just make sure you call or email me to get that done 🙂

Spray Tanning: Pregnant Women

There are many opinions on whether or not spray tanning during pregnancy is dangerous. All of the literature that I’ve read base their answer on a similar factors.

Does DHA (active ingredient in sunless solutions that change the color of skin) actually absorb into the skin during spray tanning? If so then their is a potential that your baby might also get some of that…so some doctors recommend waiting until after your first trimester.

To be clear there is no conclusive evidence that DHA is absorbed past the top layer of skin….and their have been no cases reported to the FDA or legal cases that involve the use of DHA harming any fetus.

An article on this very subject was posted in May 2010, check it out here. This arcticle even boasts about some benefits to spray tanning during pregnancy.


The nutrients added to some airbrush tanners can be beneficial for the skin and help a pregnant woman’s skin remain nourished and elastic as the body stretches. Also, most tanning places suggest you use an after-tan lotion or moisturizing cream that is loaded with even more vitamins and nutrients, which further helps the skin.

Read more: Is Airbrush Tanning Safe While Pregnant? |

Most websites tell you to consult your physician if you are thinking of spray tanning during your first trimester..personally at BronzedBerry we discourage this in the first trimester but are confident that our Organic solutions after the first three months of pregnancy is quite all right.

As with anything moderation is key. You have to give up so much during pregnancy it’s nice to know there are a few things you can still do to give you an instant self esteem booster..cause lets face it everyone looks better Bronzed.

Pregnancy Association Statement

  1. From a Bottle: This may be the best option if you are pregnant. Avoiding UV rays will ensure healthier skin and less chance of skin cancer, hives or worsened chloasma. There are so many different kinds of sunless tanning lotions, creams, and foams that have very good results. Many of the new varieties have minimal odor and provide immediate color.

    The only concern is whether the active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), is able to penetrate the skin. Studies do not confirm that it can, but some health care providers encourage women to wait until after the first trimester, just to play it safe. DHA has been used in cosmetics since 1960 and no problems have been reported. Even if you have used sunless tanners before, try a patch of skin first. Your skin may be more sensitive and irritable during pregnancy.

    The Pregnancy Association


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BronzedBerry is the Best

What can I say, BronzedBerry spray tan is awesome! And Amie is such a sweetheart! She really takes the time to make you feel comfortable and listens to exactly the kind of “look” you are going for. I had my first trial run for my wedding exactly one week ago and it still looks great! I will definitely be using Bronzedberry to ensure I have a perfect tan on my wedding day:-)

Melissa Donithan Fuller posted this review on BronzedBerry’s facebook fan page

Thanks Melissa you were a great bride and gorgeous!!!

Squirrel Rescue

This is Butter, one of the squirrels we rescued. I will upload some videos shortly. They were really sweet. We gave them to a wildlife rehabilitation today and hope that they will continue to thrive and be set free eat to run around and eat nuts.