How Traditional Tanning May Affect Your Eyes

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How Traditional Tanning May Affect Your Eyes. 

Ultraviolet radiation, from a tanning bed, reaches up to a 100 times greater exposure to your eyes than that of the Sun. According to an article posted on, simply closing your eyes isn’t enough protection.

Overexposure of ultraviolet radiation to your eyes can compromise their health. The Health Physics Society mentions cataracs and photokeratisis as the most commonly reported eye issues directly related to UV exposure.

But did you know that you can get cancer in your eye? Just like on your skin, you can actually get Melanoma in your eyes as well.

Just like we recomend having a good dermatologist that you see yearly it’s also a good idea to see an eye doctor and have them check the general health of your eyes. To learn more about potential risk factors, including eye color, check out an article on this subject posted on

And hey, if you are still tanning in a tanning bed make sure to wear protective eye gear. Or just get a spray tan 🙂

Tangerine is In!

Tangerine inspired clothing and accessories are going to be a big YEAH for spring 2012. Even though we are in the throws of winter a girl need time to plan.

Don’t take this trend too far and get carried away with self tanner. Get a natural looking spray tan and enhance your glow with Tangerine inspired makeup.

“ Pantone … global authority on color, has surveyed the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to bring you the season’s most important Pantone … global color trends” according to their website.

Check out their report to see the latest and greatest hue combination for spring 2012.

As quoted from the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, “Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and promise for a brighter day”. This is sooo true. Getting rid of those winter blues and grays and putting on some color makes me so happy. Only thing better than short Tangerine shorts….short Tangerine shorts with a spray tan.

Want to stock up on some Tangerine delight? Looks like one of our fav cosmetic companies, Tarte, is ready for orange fever. We’re loving Tipsy, and orange blush out of their amazing Amazonian Clay makeup line.


Go California!

California now becomes the first state to prohibit minors under 18 from using commercial tanning beds..
Yeah California! This recent bill will take effect January 1st, 2012. The bill bans any and all minors (under the age of 18) from UV tanning. Previously, if over the age of 14, a minor with parental consent could tan. This is a tremendous precident and we hope to see more states follow suit.

Before you indulge in the tanning bed addiction think about the fact that these devices increase your your risk of Melanoma by 75%. Spray tan instead 🙂

No beauty regiment should risk your life.


Sunscreen Misconceptions Pt. 2

In an effort to understand the FDA’s new regulations it’s important to understand some terms that we often see on our sunscreen labels. Don’t know what I’m talking about click here to read part one of this series.

These are some of the terms commonly found on sunscreens.

Sunblock – a topical product applied to the skin that is believed to protect skin from UV radiation. The radiation is either blocked (scattered) or absorbed by the ingredients in the topical product.

SPFSun Protection Factor indicates the level of protection skin has from harmful sun exposure (UVB exposure only).1  Determining what SPF you need can be a complicated math equation, but as a general rule of thumb 30 SPF is sufficient for the average person.2  More SPF makes sense if you or your family has a history of skin cancer. Most research indicates anything claiming over 50 SPF is more hype then anything else.

Get the most out of your sunscreen by applying it correctly.

Step 1: Apply to skin 30 min prior to sun exposure.

Step 2: Re-apply after 15-30 minutes after initial sun exposure.

Step 3: Re-apply every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating.

Why?  Answer: Some ingredients in sunscreens need to be absorbed in order to provide protection, some need to be layered and some simply wash off or sweat off. These three steps will give you the best protection.

UVA – Electromagnetic radiation, long wave Ultraviolet light can’t be seen with the human eye and it’s effects on our skin are not always visible. In fact UVA exposure has zero symptoms, not even sunburn.  UVA exposure causes a DNA mutation which can lead to Melanoma.. the deadliest form of skin cancer. 3

So you will not even know if you have had too much exposure until it’s too late!

UVB – Electromagnetic radiation, short wave Ultraviolet Light can result in sunburn, blistering of the skin and some forms of skin cancer. It’s important to note that this is also a vital source of Vitamin D.

Broad or Full Spectrum Coverage – the words lead the public to believe that the product it’s describing will protect them against both UVA and UVB rays. This is NOT correct, in fact this is one of those terms that hasn’t been regulated by the FDA in the past.

So, what should all this mean to us? Below are my thoughts.

Being out in the sun can be a healthy thing, we should enjoy great weather and have fun. When armed with the proper information and right protection, there is no need to fear the sun.

Skin is exposed to UVA without protection far more often than UVB…because remember SPF only protects against UVB rays.

Chose a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 and make sure it has UVA and UVB protection. If it doesn’t say those words specifically then find one that does! The Environmental Working Group has an amazing database that you can put your current products to the “test” and they give recomendations if you need one.

Now we know what needs to be in our sunscreens. But, are there ingredients in our sunscreen that we should be concerned about? The next post in this series will help to decode some of this.


1: Wikipedia and Websters

2: Environmental Working Group

3: Wikipedia

Sunscreen Misconceptions Pt. 1

Anyone who has walked down the isle that carry’s sunscreen in Target or Walmart knows how many options there are to choose from. Each one claims to do something better then it’s competitor.  It’s called marketing,  and it’s on everything we buy.

There has been much controversy on the subject of sunscreen safety.  Just google “is sunscreen safe”, and you will be bombarded with articles to chose from.

For years the Skin Cancer Foundation and the FDA has been advocating sunscreen and regalling it’s health bennefits.  Only as of late, 2011, has the FDA been taking a closer look at what those labels are actually saying, and whether they are misleading the American people.

1) All day protection

2) Natural

3) Safe

4) Complete Protection

These are just a few claims that are currently on sunscreens in our beach bags, on our make up and on store shelves …and they don’t have to be proven or have any research behind them. Scary.

On June 14th, 2011 the FDA announced it’s new requirements and standards for all sunscreens sold or marketed in the USA. Click here to see.

Over the next few posts..we’ll decode some of them. Hopefully with a little information we can protect our bodies and have peace of mind.

Beautiful Brides

Victoria, a BronzedBerry bride is now a BronzedBerry mother! Congratulations on your newest edition. In honor of you I’m posting some of your wedding photos. Here’s to being a beautiful bride and wonderful mommy.

Both Vicki and her sis got the royal treatment before her big day. You can see how natural her they both look.

On your wedding your spray tan should be natural and provide enough of a glow to assist you in being confident but never enough to be a topic of conversation.

Sunscreen Importance

Ingredients in my sunscreen don’t matter, they are all the same. Why should I buy and expensive one when I can get one at a box store for super cheap?
The first statement in this quote really bugs me. Yes it bugs me because it’s untrue but really it bugs me because we should know better.

The second part of this quote, the question of “why” buy a pricer sunscreen, I totally get. Personally, I on one hand am a penny pincher (I buy generic mac-n-cheese) but on the other I’m a bit label obsessed (got to love Marc Jacobs).

So, I’m going to spend some time examining some common misconceptions about sunscreen.

Trust me there is more to this then you even know.

Had to Brag on a Bride

Had to brag about one of our brides, Eve. She and her sister-in-law were such a joy to be around. Eve was a gorgeous bride and her dress was to die for. Here a few pictures of her and her crew on the big day. FYI, Eve treated herself to a BronzedBerry tan and teeth whitening session before the big day.

Eve got married in Leesburg Va and by the looks of things she mixed in some serious glam for her outdoor shabang.

Thank you David Molnar for providing these lovely pics! Check out more of his amazing stuff by clicking here.