DIY: Peppermint Scrub

Every spray tan addict knows that exfoliation is key to a great tan. We often are asked about what scrubs we recommend. One of our Tanning Artists, Megan Mullins, found a great recipe on Pinterest for a DIY version. Maybe’s it’s time to try something like this yourself.

Why buy scrubs that are already made and with ingredients your unsure of when you can make your own?  Use ingredients you probably have in your kitchen for half the cost.

Body scrubs are a great way to help cleanse and exfoliate the skin by removing  dirt, oil, and dead skin cells revealing a healthy, soft, and youthful glow. Especially in these cold winter months.

For this time of year a DIY Peppermint Body Scrub is perfect and easy to make. To fill a pint jar (mason jar) you will need:

  • 2 cups granulated white sugar
  •   1/3 cup light olive oil
  •   1/8 cup safflower oil
  • ¼ tsp peppermint extract or essential oil
  • About 20 crushed candy canes if you are making more than  one scrub, otherwise cut the number in half.
  • Red food coloring, add however many drops to desired color.

Wisk all ingredients into a bowl, until blended. Fill and pack your scrub into the mason jar. Want to add an extra touch? A candy cane tied into a bow with a label on the jar makes a perfect DIY gift.

Soft Metallics are In!

Holiday Glamour! Soft metallics are still in style and looking fab. That manicure is to die for. The soft shades and muted tones mixed with black metallic pieces and rhinestones balance each other perfectly. Don’t let sun deprivation get you down this holiday season. No matter what your skin tone you can add a little glow to your look with a spray tan, or tanning lotion to achieve a natural look.

Check out some other pinned images to get holiday glamour inspiration.

BB Creams Decoded

BB cream advertising is all the rage. So, what is it? And, is it something that will add value to my beauty routine?

The BB stands for beauty balm. and according to Wikipedia BB creams are a facial product intended to replace our moisturizer, serum, primer, foundation, and sunblock. While this may sound like a modern miracle it actually has been around for decades in Asia. Only recently has it become all the rage here in the States.

We all want it all and with our busy lives this multi-functional product sounds like an answer to morning routines prayers. But, do they work? It seems every retailer and major cosmetic brand has one that they claim to be the best.

It seems that our pursuit to look and remain youthful has finally caught up with our obsession of having a tan.

Lucy Gillam (In-Cosmetics event director) was recently quoted as saying this in an article (Witness Protection) for happi magazine in regards to BB creams.

We (BronzedBerry) are loving the fact that more and more women are seriously looking into adding sunblock to their daily lives and routine. It’s such a great way to protect your face from premature aging. Email us if you are using one of these creams and let us know your thoughts on which ones out there are the best. And remember protect your face from UV damage and get a spray tan!

Spray Tanning Under Attack

Recently we’ve been bombarded with questions and concerns about the safety of spray tanning. A lot of this concern has come from recent news reports, like that of ABC’s Good Morning America’s reporter Mark Greenblatt. Click to see his opinion.

Personally, as the owner of BronzedBerry, I’m glad to see that more people are beginning to take a harder look into this industry. We totally support more regulations on the state and national level. What’s disturbing is lack of full disclosure on Mr. Greenblatts part and we offer a “tsk tsk” to ABC for airing such a one sided view on this topic. Maybe it’s just me but I thought the news was supposed to report facts…not opinions.

Let’s break down Mark’s “investigation”.

  1. Smell.  He says he didn’t like the smell he had on his skin so he started investigating it. But he never got around to answering his own question. Smell. Generally this is caused by a pH imbalance in the skin. The reaction your skin is having to the DHA AND other additives in the solution lead to this unpleasant smell. This doesn’t happen to everyone, and there are ways to avoid it. Our experience has shown us that our clients have significantly less of this simply because we use organic fresh ingredients in our products. This would lead me to believe that the smell actually has a lot to do with the secondary ingredients in the solution, not DHA alone.
  2. Ingredients.  Mark never even discusses with Dr’s or anyone else about the potential hazard of the secondary ingredients found in most commercially used tanning solutions. Now, there’s a story for you Mark..with actual facts and legitimate concerns. Read our other post about this, click here. His focus seems to be entirely on creating worry about the main tanning ingredient, DHA.
  3. DHA causes DNA Damage. The claim, made by Mark Greenblatt, seemed to indicate that 10 different studies proved DNA damage caused by DHA. However that was not cited in any report we have found. Even ABC’s  “experts” only say that they could see the potential for DNA damage. Potential is not the same thing as proving something as a fact. If you are concerned about what was in the main study sited, we encourage you to read it, pay special attention to pg.32 where the commission conclusion is that DHA poses no threat. Click here. Upon reading this report we are confident that you will feel as comfortable with DHA as we do.
  4.  DHA has not been approved for use in Spray Tanning by FDA. Mark’s claim seems to insinuate a sinister plot on behalf of spray tanning companies.  Getting something approved by the FDA is not  federally mandated for this consumer product that’s why no company has done it. It simply isn’t necessary since the primary ingredient, DHA, has been approved for topical or external use. Mark makes is sound like it was only approved for lotion. That is not accurate. Click here to read the FDA’s statement on Sunless Tanners and Bronzers. Also worth noting that the FDA makes no comments at all in relation to airbrush spray tanning. In fact it states that the concern for solution inhalation is directly attributed to spray tanning booths.
  5. DHA should not be inhaled or ingested. We agree.  In a spray tanning booth the consumer can’t escape the vapor, therefore are forced to directly inhale the spray. But, Airbrush spray tanning can provide proper ventilation and reasonable control over exposure. BronzedBerry Tanning Artists are trained with techniques for tanning that limit the amount of solution applied to the body, protect the eyes and avoid direct inhalation.
  6. Protect Eyes, Nose and Lips..FDA says so. This is what Mark Greenblatt claimed that salons were ignoring or discouraging consumers for doing. What the investigation doesn’t show is how many of those were tanning booths vs. airbrush applications. Either case simply closing your eyes provides adequate protection. The FDA states that the solution shouldn’t be directly applied to the eye.  In the case of nose plugs, which the FDA is all for…we are a bit hesitant to get on board with this. We agree further studies need to be conducted on the impact of directly inhaling the substance via the mouth or nose needs to be done before a guideline should be established. Our hesitation in agreeing with the advice to use nose plugs is because if your nose is plugged up your only other option for breathing is to open your mouth. This is exactly what the FDA says it doesn’t want, direct inhalation, so using a nose plug seems  counterproductive. Inhaling through your nose or mouth is bad idea. That is why airbrush tanning is so great, you only need to close your eyes and hold your breath for a few seconds and you eliminate the issue all together.
  7. Ingesting DHA is a hazard. While this is not proven in any of the reports claimed by ABC, we agree this is probably not a good idea. Anyone that suggests eating or swallowing the solution is not using wise judgement.

We stand behind our companies commitment to high quality organic ingredients and safe business practices. We respect the FDA rulings and look forward to this industry growing.

Bridle Beauty: Walk the Walk

For all you brides out there, BronzedBerry is proud to offer bridal beauty tips from a wedding coordinator in the “biz”. Also she knows a thing or two about beauty, the picture above is her..along with her BronzedBerry glow.

Bridal Beauty ~ Walk the Walk
Preparing for your wedding day can be one of the stressful times for many brides to be. Following some of our helpful bridal beauty can alleviate some of that pressure, and allow you to enjoy prepping for your runway walk down the aisle. We at SoCo Events, a boutique style wedding and event planning firm, have held the hands of many brides through the process of creating their bridal beauty, and therefore, we are here to share with you some of our learned wisdom and best wedding day beauty practices.

First and foremost timing is everything! Just like you want to stay on track with all elements of your wedding planning and design leading up to your wedding day, you also want to be sure to schedule your beauty appointments with careful consideration.


  • Make sure to schedule a hair trim about 2 to 3 weeks out from your wedding day – this will allow for that awkward “just cut look” to subside and your hair will look fresh and healthy. Also, be sure you do not do anything drastic  – meaning a completely different hairstyle or color right before your wedding…you do not want to be stuck with a look that caused you to ball your eyes out on your big day.
  • Schedule any all over color or highlight appointments for about 10 days out – so your color is fresh and you have no roots to be found! Again, just stick to a color you know you love – this is not the time to see if Katy Perry’s latest electric blue color works on you.
  • Lastly be sure to find and book a hair stylist you are excited about working with to create your bridal look. The best of the best in the DC area book up fast, so this is something you or your planner should book very early in the planning process to ensure you get your first choice. Regardless of how great your stylist is, please do a bridal hair trial – this will give you the opportunity to discuss what styles might work best with your face shape, your wedding gown style, and the overall look you want to achieve on your wedding day. There is nothing worse than having no idea what you want to do with your hair hours before you walk the aisle.


  • You definitely want your skin to glow on your wedding day, an undoubtedly the happiness you are feeling on the inside will shine through and help you out in this regard, somewhat. 😉 You want to make sure to eat really clean in the months leading up to you wedding day. What you put in your body has more of an affect on your skin than any product or treatment will. Eat plenty of veggies, some fruits, and remember to drink a ton of water!! Water with lemon is a tip I always give my brides…it works wonders for your skin.
  • Schedule all tweezing/waxing/threading appointments for about 10 to 7 days out from your wedding day. Be careful to stay consistent with what has worked well with your skin type in the past – if soy wax leaves your sensitive skin with zero redness or irritation, make sure to stick with this proven method of hair removal, so not to upset your skin pre wedding day.
  • Six months out from your wedding is a great time to try a new treatment – microderm, oxygen facials, and collagen treatments. You have enough time to recover if your skin reacts poorly to a new or more extensive treatment.  And, if you love your micro, you can continue with treatments in the months and weeks leading to your big day. If you are thinking of trying something a little more serious, like botox/other fillers – please do so around this 6-month out mark as well. You cannot predict how you will react to new treatments, so do not risk having to deal with bumps and bruising weeks before your wedding. Also, keep in mind that most fillers do take around 10 days to work their magic.
  • One of the most important things you can do to achieve a beautiful glow on your wedding day, is to get a professional airbrush tan – for your fiancé (unless he and Ricky Martin are similar skin tone 😉  You don’t want to be beautifully bronzed standing next to your pasty groom! So, spread the color and book a package with BronzedBerry that covers you both. Make sure to keep a natural color, which should be easy with BronzedBerry – they have amazing organic formulas – think no orange and no nasty smell! Your color should also correlate with the season in which you are tying the knot. It will look much more natural to have deeper color if your wedding is in July, rather than January. A little color will work wonders for your confidence on the day of, and will ensure you and your soon to be hubby look fabulous in all the days pictures!


  • Earlier, I mentioned the importance of booking your wedding day hair stylist early on in the planning process, and you should absolutely do the same when  booking your wedding day make-up artist. If you are working with a planner, this is something he/she should book for you right away, as a vendor can only be in one place at one time. The DC area’s most talented make-up artists book up a year or more in advance during busy wedding season! So, if you get engaged and know who you want to doll you up on your big day, then don’t hesitate to get it on the books. You are also definitely going to want to do a trial make-up run. What I often do for my clients, is coordinate their hair and make-up trial with a purpose – meaning I will book on the day of the couple’s engagement shoot or on the day of the bride’s boudoir session – this way the cost of the trail is well worth it!
  • Create a beauty inspiration board! I tell my clients to create a beauty inspiration board to prepare for their hair and make-up trial – by keeping a running folder of the looks they like or want to emulate on their wedding they have a clear idea of what they like going in  – and this is an immensely helpful and effective way to communicate a bride’s beauty style to her wedding day glam squad.
  • It’s all in the lashes! I highly recommend false lashes to most brides – not the extremely fake looking kind you find on Snookie and J Wow every Saturday night, but incredibly beautiful, real hair, false lashes applied by your make-up artist. It is amazing what a little lash can do to enhance facial features, and most importantly lashes will have a dramatic effect on how you look in pictures – stunning!
  • I try not to tell my brides how to wear their make-up – that is something that I trust in a great make-up artist to do. But, one piece of advice that I am sure you have heard before, but that is a beauty rule to live by – is if you go with a really dramatic eye, opt for a softer lip, and if you go for a more dramatic lip, go a for a little less drama on the eye. Finding a balance is key, and also always keeping in mind your wedding season, venue, style, and geographic location when finalizing your make-up and hair look – you want the entire evening to work cohesively.

My last bit of beauty advice is to remember to smile big, laugh often, and dance your booty off.  When all is said and done and the final lash is placed – all you need to do is have a blast, enjoy every moment, and walk with confidence and class.

Good luck to all the beautiful brides to be!


Nicole Tozzi
Wedding & Event Planner
SoCo Events
Email or Call 301.785.0777

Sunscreen Mistakes

0403 sunscreen mistakes aw

Loved this article in my Glamour Magazine’s May 2012 issue. It’s hard to get away from bronzed bombshells this time of year.

Number 4 on their list is “Putting too much faith in self-tanners”. It’s a good reminder to us all that spray tanning, airbrush tanning or self-tanning lotions offer ZERO sun protection. You must still be very diligent with your sunscreen ladies and gents.

Mother’s Day Tribute

BronzedBerry’s Mother’s Day contest winner, Susan’s story and feelings about her own Mother brought us to tears. Congrats Susan for helping all of us get to know your Mother and her extraordinary love and perseverance for her children. Don’t forget to share your stories with your own us she wants to know.

We know instinctively before we leave the womb how invaluable our mothers are. As soon as we’re placed in our mothers arms after birth we wrap our little fingers around theirs so tightly, white knuckled as if our little bodies know how desperately we’ll need them forevermore. I figure every mother endures a certain level of heartache for her children. It comes with the territory of motherhood. Mine, however, has endured more than her fair share, yet she has been a lighthouse that even the most horrific storm could not manage to tear down. Three daughters. The eldest, the dreamer. Destined for stardom that would make staying close to home an impossibility. Any mother can relate to the part of your heart that goes with them when they leave and how it stays gone until they return again. My mother has a way of making 3,000 miles feel less ominous and more like an afternoon stroll with just hearing her calm and steady voice on the other end of a receiver. The middle child with severe special needs which, to my mother, have never seemed so severe despite the requirement of her constant attention, patience and tenderness. In a world that doesn’t lend itself kindly to “different” she has overcome every obstacle concerning my sister from doctors, to schools and educators, to the community at large. And the youngest, me. The one who over the years has needed two brain surgeries and countless diagnostic operations. The one whom she whispered encouragement to while holding my hand in a blue hospital room, silently saying her goodbyes to her youngest just in case. Yes, she has been a lighthouse. Weathering every storm with an unmatched steadfast love and devotion. So we really are on to something as fresh and brand new infants grasping tightly at those loving fingers in the very beginning. I pray that I never loose hold. I know she never will.

Submitted By: Susan Whicker

Pregnant Tanning

Is it safe to tan while about spray tanning? This is always a popular topic and something our Tanning Artists get asked frequently.

It is genrally understood that sunbathing or using UV tanning beds is a big no no if you are expecting. Why, you ask? The simple answer is that it could overheat your baby which can cause miscarriage. Yikes!! So as we approach spring and summer ladies, please wear sunscreen, use a flopy hat and just plain say no to overexposure to the Sun.

As for spray tanning when pregnant there are a few things to keep in mind. Always check with your Dr before trying something new during pregnancy. Most DR’s will tell it’s no problem after your first trimester.

We’ve discussed before how toxic chemicals can be present in spray tanning booths already (read more on this).

All spray tanning solutions are not created equal. So, we suggest you still ask a few more questions to determine what you are comfortable with.

BronzedBerry suggests getting a airbrush spray tan by a professional using only organic products and solution. For a list of our ingredients, click here.

Want to get tanned go for it! Just do your research and pick a product that’s healthy for you and your baby.


  1. Organic solutions by BronzedBerry do  not contain a single toxic chemical.
  2. You aren’t forced to inhale the solution. We spray you in an open room, not a closed booth.
  3. Our hydration spray can actually help moisturize your growing belly, using organic ingredients to help with elasticity.

Read more on this topic.