Workout Post Spray Tan

Get the best of both worlds, be buff and glowing! Use this work out routine whenever you need a quick work out but just can’t sweat.

The fabulous fit and tan Lisa Reed from LRF (Lisa Reed Fitness) has created a 5 minutes work out video exclusively for BronzedBerry!! We reached out to her because many of our clients want to work out before or after their spray tan sessions. Any good spray tan veteran knows that sweating while your tan is developing is a huge “No No”.

Enjoy 🙂

Natalie’s Experience with Skin Cancer


A Tan Shouldn’t Define You!  Listen to Natalie’s heartfelt story of her diagnosis with melanoma at age 22.

Share with anyone you know still abusing tanning beds. We are challenging everyone to forward this onto at least one person they know that needs to hear this lesson.

Have you ever done a internet search for US holiday’s? It’s amazing how many so called holiday’s are “on the books”. National Sunless Tanning Day is one of these “holiday’s” that you’ll never get off work. However, we think it’s worth noting! The basic idea behind it is to educate people on safe UV free alternatives to tanning. If you are reading this then you probably are already familiar with UV free or spray tanning as option.

On June 28th (National Sunless Tanning Day), we here at BronzedBerry will be applying our sunscreen and sporting our natural looking glows and hope you do to.

Pregnancy and Tanning Tips

Pregnant Tanning Blue dressTanning Pregnancy Blue Dress

We love safe and happy mamas-to-be. No need to forgo the spray tan during pregnancy or after…if you follow a few simple rules.

  1. First Trimester – Never try anything new. If you’ve never spray tanned this is probably not a good time to start.
  2. Find an expert who can airbrush you and uses organic solutions.
  3. Be sprayed in a well ventilated area.

For more tips and advice see our previous blog. And as always if you have concerns speak to your DR about it.

Thanks Karen for showing off your BronzedBerry glow in DC.

Should I Tan My Face?

A: Yes! By makeup artist Amie Decker owner of Amie Decker Beauty

I really do not have many pet peeves when it comes to makeup, but my biggest pet peeve by far is what I like to call the “floating head.” You all know what I am talking about, when the color of someone’s face clearly does not match the rest of their body. This look may occur when gals go a little crazy with the face bronzer and fail to blend it into their neck and chest. However, I find the biggest offence is the pale head floating on a tan body.

Which leads me to answer the question, “should I tan my face?” Answer: YES!!! A customized organic spray tan is much different than a machine conducted mystic tan. A trained spray tan artist has the ability to adjust the solution so that your face does not look orange or too dark, but instead nice and even with the rest of your skin. When brides choose not to tan their face, I end up having to apply much more foundation than I normally would just to ensure their face matches the rest of their body. I find that most women prefer natural looking skin to heavy face makeup but when face and body are vastly different the heavy foundation cannot be avoided. As a makeup artist, I much prefer for women to get a nice even spray tan on their face and body instead of relying on makeup to even everything out.

I recommend exfoliating and cleansing your face before the organic spray tan to avoid clogged pores caused by makeup worn earlier in the day. I also recommend applying a lip balm as a barrier so you can avoid tan lips. Since most of us wash our face more frequently than our body, your color on your face will most likely fade sooner than your body. I use BronzedBerry Face tanner to keep my bronzed glowing skin and therefore avoid the dreaded floating head.

Amie Decker

Skin Check Optimized: Tips and Tricks

Here is a great way to schedule and optimize annual doctors appointments.

  1.  March – Dermatologist Appointment ( find one in your area click here). Try and find a derm that takes you seriously. This is a great time to get checked before you are out in the sun. With no tan it’s easier for your derm to get a good look. Ask about mole mapping. They can measure and or take a picture of each mole so that from year to year you can look for measurable changes.
  2. June – OB/GYN. Time for your super fun annual exam. Did you know that melanoma can often be found in areas where the sun don’t shine? Weird but true. Have your gyn take a look down there for anything suspicious.
  3. September – Annual physical by physician. By spacing your derm and your physical 6 months apart you get the benefit of a professional taking a look at you at least twice a year.
  4. November or January – Ophthalmologist (not optometrist or optician). Did you know that you can even get skin cancer in your eyes, even melanoma? Yikes. Learn more. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who can diagnose and treat disease. Have one take a look annually at your whole eye.

I hope this helps and you take your skin care seriously. It’s not always about being youthful sometimes taking care and being on top of things can save your life.

With Care,

Amie B

Adventures with My Enemy Melanoma

Recently, while doing research for upcoming blog articles I came across a blog that is now on my must read list; Adventures With My Enemy Melanoma. 

If you’ve been reading these posts before you know what a fanatic I am about sunscreen and protecting your skin. You may even know that my own father died of Melanoma in 2010.

About a year ago I saw a video on the Skin Cancer Foundations website about a super brave chick, Chelsea P. Click to watch the original video.

Chelsea is an amazing advocate for skin cancer awareness and a true inspiration. We are hoping to get a one on one interview with her soon..maybe even a vblog.

Recently she updated her blog with the story of her friend, and who she calls her melanoma twin, Julie. Julie is battling melanoma herself and after returning from her honeymoon got the worst news a cancer survivor/fighter can hear. It’s back.

Read the full article and cheer Julie on: Click here

With Care,

Amie B