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Teeth Whitening Certification $249.99$399.99 “I really admire the fact that BronzedBerry takes this product a step further by offering artists the opportunity to not only retail it for their clients, but to also receive in depth education into providing it as a specialized service. It's incredibly easy to earn the cost of the class back and I am so glad I made the decision to get certified! My clients love the level of care and detail given when I perform this as a one-on-one service for them rather than handing them the teeth whitening kit and wishing them luck.”
pH toner tonic
pH Tonic $29.99 “I don't know how I lived prior to having PH TONIC in my life! When it comes to the spray tanning business mantaining a balanced pH level of the skin is extremely important for developing an even glow - and a bonus to the particular tonic is the wonderful citrus aroma it carries that minimizes that typical "spray tan smell". I went as far as putting this into a misting spray bottle and use it daily after cleansing my skin! It has really made a difference in the appearance of my skin and my makeup lays so much more nicely when applied.”
Classic 10% - 32oz $89.99 “Classic Tanning Solution is just that - Classic! If you're looking for a natural, but buildable glow then this solution is perfect for you! Applies beautifully and evenly while providing instant gratification with an immediate glow from the caramel make-up bronzer. Bump up your service by spraying with the PH TONIC prior and adding the Replenish Hydrating Serum directly to your classic solution!”
spray tan certification
Spray Tan Certification $199.99$399.99 “I found BronzedBerry in 2015 when I was pregnant with my son and fell in love with the high-quality ingredients, gorgeous results and superior customer service. After enjoying the customer side of the company for almost three years my passion for its overall mission inspired me to add the spray tanning certification to my repertoire of cosmetology services and I am incredibly glad I did. The certification process was extremely thorough. I appreciated the ongoing support I received from the company and its' mentors along the way encouraging and guiding me to my eventual success. They provide you with all of the necessary education and tools to truly create a firm foundation in your new business venture. The best part is that the guidance and education doesn't just stop after your evaluation and certification - they have an army of artists on standby ready to answer your questions and help you advance in this career. I am beyond impressed with BronzedBerry's commitment to their team of artists and am grateful to have their ongoing support in the growth of my skill set!”