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Emily B

After being a client of BronzedBerry for a few years, listen why, Emily decided to become an Artist.

“I joined BronzedBerry because I believe in the products and the business model. The products are some of the best out there and they fill a specific niche. Each one has been designed to do a specific function. The business model is intended to help all the tanning artists succeed and that support from the corporate business is essential for this to work. The products are really really good. I am a fairly apathetic beauty product user and I’m fairly product agnostic. I move from one face wash to another and rarely use the same companies products from time to time. I rarely use makeup and only put on the bare minimum. This is partially because of some skin sensitivity and the fact that i really don’t like the feeling of what those products do to my skin. It makes it feel closed off and like it can’t breathe. So one of the things I really like about our products is that I can use them again and again and they don’t make my skin feel greasy and they don’t make it feel like they are closed off and can’t breathe. The tanning lotions and the actual tanning solution leaves a very even tan. It makes me feel like it’s very natural and I don’t feel as self conscious, especially because I am a very pale person so i don’t need as much powder and concealer. I love also knowing that each of our products is very well thought out and each ingredient has a specific purpose behind it. There are no fillers. Each ingredient provides some benefit, either to the actual product or to your skin. So that’s really why I joined BronzedBerry and why I love it.

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