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Streaky Spray Tan & Neck Creases

How To Fix Streaky Tan – Video Transcript What is this? Why is it here? How do we fix this?Patchy streaky necks occurs when you get a spray [or self] tan that has makeup in it. Most spray tanning solutions have makeup to help the tanning artist apply it evenly but also to give you some instant gratification while your…

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spray tan smell

I Stink | Avoid A Stinky Spray Tan

Why tanner makes you smell: Why do my armpits smell when I get use self tannner/spray tan? Stinky spray tans are perhaps the most common complaint from new clients who have had spray tans done previously at a different salon. I have heard it all at least once during my 10+ years of offering professional spray tans. However, stinky or…

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