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How Sunscreen Looks Under UV

We all love the sun-kissed look, but at what cost? Sun damage can wreak havoc on our skin, causing premature aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. One way to truly understand the damage caused by UV exposure is to see it under a UV light. This video was  created by Thomas Leveritt (find him on  IG here), as a way…

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Don’t Burn the Man in Your Life

Don’t  BURN The Man In Your Life Share this video with the man in your life. But, if your Man is like most, they’ll need your help in protecting themselves. Prevention: Don’t get tanned or burned…even once! Sunscreen – Wear it and apply every two hours Clothes – UV resistant clothing optimal when exposed for long time periods. Sunglasses –…

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Death by Tanning Bed

Think this won’t happen to you…think again! ONE Tanning Bed Visit = 20% increase in skin cancer risk! Watch the video to learn more about the dangers of the tanning bed! BronzedBerry wants you to be informed! Consider changing your tanning bed routine to a spray tan routine. []

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Most Common Skin Cancer = Deadliest

Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer! The most common skin cancer is the deadliest!​ Did you know, between the ages of 15-29, the most common type of skin cancer is Melanoma? Melanoma is also the deadliest skin cancer. Moreover, beyond Melanoma being deadly, it metastasizes and comes back frequently in patients. Simply, Melanoma costs patients more than treatments, it can cost them their…

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Kids and Melanoma

Kids and Melanoma are two words you never want to see together. Click the video below to learn more. Kids and Melanoma: 6 Things to Know NEVER LET A DOCTOR TELL YOU THAT YOUR CHILD IS TOO YOUNG TO GET MELANOMA IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE SUN WHY IS MELANOMA MISDIAGNOSED OR OVERLOOKED IN THE YOUNG WHAT ARE THE…

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Not Just Skin Cancer

Not just skin cancer! #notjustskincancer. It is time to understand. Watch the video to learn more. BronzedBerry wants to keep you and your loved ones safe from preventable illnesses! #NotJustSkinCancer When will we get it? Skin cancer can kill you or a loved one. It’s nothing to joke about. For further reading, see the American Cancer Society’s article on…

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