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Top 5 Success Drivers: For Women Entrepreneurs

What is a success driver? It’s simply a motivating factor that produces a desired outcome. It may sound fancy and complicated but you already have them, you just didn’t have a name for it. 1) Personality: Extroverts and Introverts alike can be very successful with home party businesses. The question to ask yourself is, “Am I able to stand in…

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Good Intentions Don’t Always Lead to Good Business

Reigning Miss America Kira Kazantsev, left, holding the spray tan gun, with B.Bronz owner Kelly Richardson, far right, at this year’s pageant festivities. INSTAGRAM PHOTO Miss America pageants are known for drama and a little scandal but this year (2015) the drama came BEFORE the event with a sponsor, BBronze. The Trentonian reported Richardson (owner BBronze), a convicted felon, solicited…

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