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Legal Age Limit on Tanning Beds?

Legal age limit for tanning beds? – Tanning salons are already under siege — they got taxed by the health law, are newly regulated by the federal government and states, and have become dermatologists’ favorite bad guy. But some policymakers say that’s not enough. Pointing to rising skin cancer rates and increased marketing toward young people, these public health…

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Beach Hacks?

Baby powder and essential oils are the new ‘must have’s’ for every beach goer this summer. Learn why these and other household items can make life beachy! Follow BronzedBerry’s board Beach Hacks on Pinterest.

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Lindsey Lohan’s Healthy Addiction?

Spray Tanning! We are happy to report that in a recent blog post from Perez Hilton, Lindsay was seen shopping in Venice and sporting a pretty bad spray tan. We are happy because, while it’s hideous, we appreciate her effort to take care of her skin. We can only help that she’ll soon take care of her liver too.

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DIY Don’t: Sunscreen

Top 3 Reasons Not To DIY Sunscreen Homogenizer – this tool is needed to break up the zinc and titanium dioxide powders enough to emulsify it so that it can be spread evenly to cover all your skin. If not distributed properly you may actually think your skin is protected when it’s not. Oils – many DIY tutorials recommend using…

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