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Fix A Streaky Spray Tan

Water Mess Up Your Spray Tan? Fix your streaky tan with sunless tanner! Extend is a perfect way to fix a messed up spray tan!  Use a quality sunless tanner. The guide below will walk you through fixing a spray tan that water. Let’s fix a streaky tan and save your faux glow.   Fix A Streaky Tan Guide: Sunless…

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Spray Tans Are Safe: Proof

DHA is SAFE! Spray Tans are Safe: here is the proof! SCCS, Scientific Committees 2010 in depth study analyzes potential health risks from DHA exposure. The exposure tested ranged from skin contact, lung inhalation as well as contact with mucus membranes. Their conclusion was that DHA was safe. Read the report for yourself (pages 6-17 particularly relevant). HVLP= Minimum Inhalation…

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